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The claims made about the health implications of carbohydrates and protein are controversial. Make a Donation Newsletters. The government later mandated them. An anxiety disorder that is triggered by a horrific or traumatic event. They take away the guesswork of how many calories you consume, they can be nutritionally balanced, they are quick and easy to prepare, and they teach you about healthy portion sizes. Science Now Marijuana use is rising among pregnant patients.

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CR's expert advice and product reviews will help you get through Tropical Storm Florence. Consumer Reports picks matching washing machines and dryers that all shine in our tough lab tests. CR members share their hard-won insights about the coverage you need and the smartest ways to submit a claim. Consumer Reports tests hundreds of televisions each year.

These 4K sets rise to the top. The device can be used for ECG testing, potentially detecting cardiac problems. Here's what you need to know. Automakers are likely to rely on more OTA software updates in the future.

For a great everyday cup of joe, here are 10 top brewers. Our lab tests and shopping tips will help you find the right stuff—and show you what to avoid. How did they get into food? What's known about the risks?

And what can be done to keep these drugs off your plate? For a decade, CR conducted independent testing and research to highlight the dangers of cigarettes. CR tests showed two-thirds of seat belts failed basic safety and durability tests, leading CR to call for better belts and for federal standards that incorporated crash testing.

The government later mandated them. When CR first crash-tested car seats, 12 out of 15 were rated Not Acceptable. After CR published its findings, the government required manufacturers to certify that their seats would pass a similar test. In a study of U.

Department of Agriculture data, CR found pesticide levels in some fruits and vegetables were too high. Shortly after, one of the pesticides was banned for use on food crops commonly consumed by children. CR helped to mobilize support in Congress to create the CFPB, an independent agency responsible for overseeing the financial industry with powers to police abusive practices and to enact new consumer protections.

CR was one of the first groups to test food packaging for BPA. After working to pass bans in several states, the FDA finally announced a federal ban on BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups and infant formula packaging Four of the largest health insurers were seeking separate mergers.

CR raised concerns about how the move would cut choices, drive up costs and compromise quality, pressing the Justice Department to block them. Please call Member Services at Skip to content Advertisement. Science Now An 'epidemic of nicotine addiction' among kids prompts FDA to get tough on e-cigarette makers. Science Now Shooters are twice as deadly when a semiautomatic rifle is in the mix, study finds.

Science Now For nursing home residents with breast cancer, surgery actually may hasten death. Science Now In some countries, the odds of getting shot are 1 in a million. Science Now Marijuana use is rising among pregnant patients. Not so fast, doctors warn.

Science Now Scientists blast EPA effort that would discredit health research in the name of 'transparency'. Why did their treatments have such different outcomes? This hike from Mulholland Drive has panoramic views and a Cold War missile system. Here's why you need to seek out some silence. This fitness class is all about glamming up your glutes.

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