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Hi Oju — did you do the exercise and keep to the calorie sized meals on Fit 1? It the meat is a small piece they will gobble it up with hardly a second thought, especially if you already let them try it and they liked it. She is very protective of my other dog a pitbull- yeah, funny! Caterpilar Relay One at a time the members attach themselves to each other. I am going to try making her food and the supplements you talked about.

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She sleeps on her right side with her little left paw extended every time. I guess tomorrow I will take her to the vet. Bless all of you for we are all basically going thru the same thing. Thank you for starting this post. It sounds like you found some comfort here, which I am glad. I hope everything goes well with Dusti at vet. Hi Sue, Took Dusti to the vet, he said her lungs sounded clearer.

Must be doing something right! Then, the next day the dreaded coughing again began. I held her in my arms promising my love for her was eternal. The last week has been unbearable. Guess I will have to take her to Dr.

How old is Deenie, is it possible you can get her a new companion? Maybe an older dog if she is not that energetic anymore. Deenie is 13 also. We have an 8yr. Too busy running around trying to find Dusti. Who was her sister I try showing her more attention. We think she was maltreated as a puppy, we adopted her from the shelter when she was about a year old. I crush her meds with a pestle, then mix with peanut butter using a miniature spatula, then use my finger to spread it on the roof of her mouth.

She licks it down while I kiss her nose and tell her how much I love her. Thanks for sharing how you get yours to take her medicine. Maybe it can help others who have tried just about everything. A soft treat you can hide a pill in. You can form them to any size. I use a syringe like a baby one, a pharmacy will just give u one if u ask Then it is so easy to administer. Depending on the meds, do not crush! Especially tramadol, that is nasty. I often hid between a spoon full of wet food.

If she got a taste of even the residue from my hands, that was it, I had a fight on my hands. She was also a dog with she wont eatpeanutbutter or butter, or cheese LOL. So, now I make tuna salad with low sodium tuna and that slides down.

Another thing that works really well is a tiny piece of wonder bread with the meds squished between it. I would put on her wet food or dip in something meaty and that worked great for hiding the pill and hiding the taste. Good luck everyone, WHAT ever works, just some more suggestions.

She has very few accidents. She started having some at first, now she can sleep all night without having one. She is crated at night with a bowl of water and potty pads just in case. After reading these stories, I upped her Lasix just a wee bit this morning to a little over 3mg to see if that will help until I can get her back to the vet.

I think her diet may have a lot to do with it, but she is extremely picky. She wants to eat what the other dogs eat Beneful with milk bones for treats and chicken she loves chicken. And I tried the NF Kidney the vet suggested. It is hard to keep her out of the food I feed my other two dogs. I lost her mother last year to diabetes and renal failure. I guess this is not a good idea unless you can find a good food that your dog likes that is low sodium.

I did add vitamins, digestive enzymes and probiotics. I do agree CHF sucks. He is on Fortekor 2. We recently switched his food to Canine Life muffins and I have noticed a big difference with his cough. You can buy the muffins pre-made or you can buy the mix and make them yourself. You should look into it. You can order them or you can find them at some higher end pet stores..

Well, we all seem to be in the same boat, heart failure seems to have its course no matter what we do to try to make them more comfortable. I have always fed my dogs people meat, dogs are exclusive meat eaters no matter what the vet or TV commercials say. We boil gizzards,hearts,livers, and all meats really including chicken, vitamin pill makes up for the rest. The coughing is getting worse, and always much worse when he gets excited, his appetite has improved lately eating things he never would before, starting to get a little leaking.

He has put on weight over the past three years, combination of illness, meds and no incantation to get exercise as before. I am going to increase his water pill to three times a day, it seems all we can do is make them comfortable till we can no longer do this for them.

I failed to say that those dosages are twice daily for Daisy who is 4lb Chihuahua. I also had extreme difficulty getting her to take her meds that were in pill form. She had a seizure while I was trying to get her to swallow a pill one day and then I thought of crushing them up and adding a bit of water and sucking into a syringe.

She takes it very well this way. Dogs with CHF are missing an enzyme in cat food that they need for a healthy heart. We have been giving her a little cat food with her other food and meds and it really does help ALOT. We tried seeing what she was like without it- and she did horrible- we put her back on it and she went back to her normal healthy vigorous self. The vet agreed that that it was indeed helping and to continue as long as we want.

I do believe that the rabies shot that my vet gave her was what caused her heart failure. She was perfectly healthy until the day he gave her the shot- and 3 hours later- she had to be rushed to the vets another one and they saved her life.

The vet agreed that he should have never given her the shot and that many people are losing their pets right after receiving this round of rabies shots. They make it illegal so you have to give your vet the money for vaccinations. Inside pets do not need a rabies shot every 3 years. Cat are carnivores and cat food contains a lot of meat or meat by-products and high in protein.

Dogs are omnivores and require a more balanced diet of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates and healthy fat like coconut oil. The higher protein in the cat food might be the reason most dogs love it but it alsomight upset his stomach and give him diarrhea. With cat food a dog can become easily obese and you also have to worry that a high protein diet can cause kidney problems.

There are alternatives to booster vaccinations. It is a blood titer test. It test the level of antibodies to disease in their blood. The problem with this as we all know blood work can end up being more costly than the vaccination and it is the law to have our pets vaccinated against rabies. I have to admit I am not one who vaccinates my dog every year like the postcard from the vet suggests.

I just read your post. My Lexy, 13 year old 8 lb. Maltese had been living with a Grade 2 heart murmur for a few years. I do the rabies because it is required by our town for licensing. Dogs that may not be healthy enough can get medical exemptions and they could have titer tested to confirm immunity rather than vaccinating in cases where it can cause harm.

I hope for a miracle for your little one. A year ago he stopped eating and started having seizures. He went down hill fast. I have a wonderful vet Dr. Ware who took care of him and even took him home with her as he could not be left over the weekend at her facility. When I walked in Monday everyone there was in amazement that he had pulled through. He is on enalapril, Vetmedin, keppra, cardizem and lasix.

He started coughing and quit eating and his breathing got very labored. We have now changed him over to injectable Lasix. While at the vet for the day yesterday with an iv and Lasix he came home with Lasix injections every 4 hrs and was to start today every six hours. Not able to get any of his other meds down with the exception of 1 dose of the Cardizem this afternoon. He ate a little today. My heart breaks for him when his cough gets bad and his breathing becomes labored.

Will talk to Dr. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope things will work out for you both. We are BOTH miserable. What has worked for you guys? I know things are always worse on weekends. I tried honey before without much help but at least it might help her throat. It sounds like she needs something more than just Lasix take her back to vet Monday and insist on something.

Tussigon is a great medication for the coughing, I use it up to 4 times a day. Also in a pinch I use DM cough syrup you can buy over the counter.

Its the worst feeling to hear them cough like that!! Yes my Chihuahua has chf and grade 5 heart murmur. Been 9 months and he is doing quite well. On two different heart medications, lasik, cough med but must say he is holding his own!

My pom Tucker is only 9 — we adopted him with a broken leg when he was about 7 months old. I discontinued his Torbutrol, but he started refusing all food…Even homemade food… He is currently on Enalapril 2. He is still so young for a pom and is breaking our hearts that he will not eat…. My best advice is dogs like people get tired of eating the same thing so I constantly have to change recipes from chicken, beef pork or liver with different vegetables like green beans, carrots, peas and rice or orzo with some coconut oil for their healthy fat.

Sometimes I still have to put cheese on top of her food she is so picky. I lost my beloved 10 yr. Priscilla was diagnosed with tracheal collapse around age 5. She also started having seizures when she was around 4 yr. The day she passed away I noticed her breathing seemed labored.

It seems 2 severe to be allergies. They had to put her on oxygen several times just to get the xray done. I turned into my driveway screaming at my husband to drive me back up to the vet as I was trying to breathe into her mouth.

So within finding out she had CHF my dog was dead less than 2 hrs. Needless to say, I was devastated! I was hysterical, inconsolable. It was a nightmare.

I have adopted a new Chihuahua. I was in such agony I felt I needed another companion. I adopted my Roxie from a shelter with a very high euthanasia rate. She does the tell tale honking cough of trachea collapse.

Over the last 3 wks. Thank you for reading this very long comment. It was probably 5 wks. I have to tell you almost the same thing happened to me. I rescued a 6 year old Pomeranian who also had kennel cough forever. She gets excited and coughs all the time. My vet did say she had allergies which I have to agree but she also has the beginning of collapsing trachea.

She also has frequent episodes of reverse sneezing which I know many dogs have but they only last a few minutes but hers last hours where I have to take her to the vet for a steroid shot. My point of all this is I guess instead of thinking we chose this dog perhaps somehow this dog chose us because they knew what love and commitment we gave to our previous pet. It may be another uphill battle with their health but I know you can do it, as can I.

I like to think that your Priscilla much like my Precious chose that time to make room for your next pet who needs you just as much. I thank God everyday for sending me Precious 2, can you believe since she was a stray with no name I named her Precious because she looks just like Precious 1.

Good luck give Roxie my love. Sue, Thank u so very much for your heartfelt response. Though I cried while reading most of it, it also brought me a lot of peace. I think I really needed to write my story to move on a little. Also reaching out to someone who has been through similar experiences seems to help.

Your words are so helpful to me. Priscilla may have left to make room for Roxie. That is a positive way to look at it. She looks like she has black eyeliner around her eyes, has the sweetest face. When I saw her standing in the corner, her whole body shivering I knew I had to adopt her. She is very protective of my other dog a pitbull- yeah, funny!

So I have to remind him not to do that in front of her- at least not yet. She is learning to trust, slowly. Funny, she has no problems with children at all, fast moving or not. My one saving grace with the way Priscilla went is that it was so fast.

I got her while my son was in the hospital just after he was born as a preemie. So I kind of got 2 babies at the same time. It was a hard time for our whole family. She won over everyone who met her. Even my brother in law, whom swore he hated little dogs, loved her dearly.

She was a joy to have around. Roxie is here warming my lap. So you are right in that she knew I was meant to be her mommy. She is part of our family now. Perhaps Priscilla knew how painful it would of been for you to make that decision to put her down and leaving when she did was her last way of thanking you for your love and trying to spare you that pain. Blessings to you also. Hi Sue, I understand exactly how you feel,my beautiful Lil 10 year old Pomeranian Chester was diagnosed with heart failure in January this year.

It broke my heart literally when the vet told me he had that as well as fluid in his lungs. They are not a dog in the sense of a dog, they are your best friend, a most wonderful companion and have a face that lights up your heart with a single smile. Until he strutted his stuff on the end of lead in front of me. I had to ask about him, it was like he was willing me to.

Anyway, turned out he was looking for a new home. Now, I also rescued and rehomed cats at that time , I sat down on the grass talking to the lady when he jumped into my lap, looked up at me and smiled. I asked if I could take him home and see how he got on with the mob, who were used to dogs. I put him down in the house, the cats all circled him, looked him up and down, looked at me and walked away, he was approved of,I rang the lady and just said he is staying.

That was the start of a love affair to last a lifetime. We have been inseparable,Chester goes everywhere, does everything and has friends everywhere. By the time we got there he was back in the land of the living. He was put on oxygen for 2 hours and was in intensive care overnight, the vet kept in touch through out the night until he stabilized at 3am, my baby boy was back with me the next day.

Chester had another bad turn in August, once again another rush job to the vets, more oxygen, this time he had to share with me as I was holding it on him and I started to feel faint. Bad news, his Lil heart had enlarged a wee bit more and there was thickening of the lungs, he was in final stage heart failure.

I was told every day with him was a bonus and he had maybe 6 months. His weight had dropped to 3. After a night of crying and cuddling my baby boy I was willing to try anything. She has cured dogs with heart failure the natural way, I had nothing to lose except Chester. Amanda was wonderful, she had been thru the same thing with two of her dogs.

I did everything she said to do until I got his bundle of goodies from her. He has more energy that I have to slow him down for fear of over taxing his heart. Hopefully it will be a long healthy life. Thanks for the website. Unfortunately for me I had to put Precious down last year. It was extremely hard but I know the time had come.

She was a stray with no name so naturally I had to name her Precious. Thanks and blessings to both of you. Hi Cheryl, thank you for your reply. I will also give him some plain Greek yogurt today to see if he will take that. I am hopeful that Mr.

Tucker will start enjoying food again and eat on his own. Thank you for your beautiful story Cheryl. I do believe our pets return either with reincarnation or what some call soul walk-ins. Whatever the facts are my beliefs bring me peace. Many blessings to you. I have a 14 year old chihuahua that I have had since he was 1, he was just diagnosed with CHF and heart murmur.

The vet put him on furosemide 10mg 0. His coughing has gotten so much better. He has been on this for about 2 months now. Well 3 days ago he quit eating,until last night he ate some but not a whole lot. He continues to drink water. I was going to see if maybe prednisone may help, but of course I have to carry him in for him to answer that question.

Just a simple yes or no would of helped. I am not asking for free advice, If the receptionist would of just taken a few minutes out of her so called busy schedule to ask would of been nice.

My vet will always talk to me on the phone if I need some advice. What are you feeding him, soft food home made food? I always cook home made food for my dogs but my one Pomeranian can be very picky. I have resorted to cheese or braunschweiger on top of food for her to eat.

Try to relax honey, your dog will eat when they feel better. We have been on heart meds for about two years, my dog has his days when he is not hungry and other days he eats fine. I have always build my dogs gizzards, livers, etc, chicken some beef and Turkey wings and legs, vets complain for one reason or another, but dogs are carnivores, period.

I cut meat into small pieces. I do snacks when he is not eating well, I buy only USA chicken strips which I cut into very small pieces.. Dogs Well has good fresh snacks they love. I insisted the dog get cough medicine with codeine I give twice a day, it helps when the coughing goes on and on and on. All my dogs live a long time and only have health issues when they get over 13 and this is normal aging. Thanks for your suggestion, I have been cooking everything under the sun it seems, even his favorite rib eye steak.

I was able to get him to eat tonight, some gravy out of a can of Alpo Lamb and rice, he went to the bowl I had for another one of my dogs and was licking that so I fixed him some of the gravy and he ate more than he had in the last 3 days. I will nurse him along over the weekend with your suggestions and call my vet again on Monday. God Bless you and, I pray it works. I am so glad I found this site. She was 6 or 7 when we got her and shortly after we got her was told she had a grade 4 heart murmer.

She is the sweetest dog and if she were a person she would be one of those people that took everything in stride and would find something good about it. She has always had trouble drinking water, coughs when she drinks, we have tried raised bowls and now just use ice cubes. She has had a cough for a while but this last week it sounded congested.

Now she is coughing so much and sometimes I sit up and hold her upright which helps some. How do you decide to put a pet down when she seems to accept her lot and is still happy? This kills me listening to her , they say they will let you know when they are ready. When I take her to the vet she never coughs there and sometimes if something gets her attention it stops the cough. Her heart is quite enlarged and they say it is compressing the throat area, not sure which part to call it.

I put her pills in bread and she gobbles them down. Oh and she is on a combination cough syrup that is compounded. She is twelve years old if we were told correctly. I keep telling myself that I need to make that decision soon, I had it in mind for today but I keep hoping the newest meds. Please Sue do you have any suggestions?

Would the suppliments be something that I should try? By the way her name is molly. My heart goes out to you. I am sending you much comfort and many positive thoughts and well wishes. The day I brought her in I was still not sure if I was doing the right thing. But, she let me know. You will know in your heart when the time is right.

Listen to your inner wisdom. It will not fail you. Laurel, Thank you sooooo.. I have sat and wondered how would I know. He has good days then bad days, and the good ones so out weigh the bad right now, I hope and pray I do know when its time. Thank u for your reply. The last couple days have been mostly bad with molly coughing and gaggi ng. I get up with her at night as layimg in bed listening to her struggle is unbearable.

If I hold her in an upright sitting up position like wnen they sit up to beg that this usually stops the coughing. Takes about 10 minutes and somtimes when I let her down it controls the cough for a while. Sounds strange but , maybe it relieves the pressure from the enlarged heart making an appointment today, which will probably end in her euthanasia.

Trying to get the crying over now so I dont blubber like a fool there. Iknow anything else is just prolonging the inevitable at this point, they said she was agrade 5 last week.

It is weird that she usually doesnt cough on the way there or while there. Then I worry she is trying to show she is not ready. As they say they let u know and with our other dogs we did know, doesnt make it easier even then. I just hope I am doing the right thing if I end this for her. It is like you are putting a death sentence on them. My old vet would gently say he thought it was time. Which I had complete faith in his opinion.

Ugh sorry I have rambled on, I have to tell u last night one of thd stray cats I feed was on the porch with molly when I let her out, she laid down and he came over and started kneeding her side like he knew she needed comforting. I could have cried. Thank u for caring enough to reply. The tears are pouring down my face.

So sorry that you and your sweet baby have to go through this. I pray that God eases the pain that you are in right now. I just hate that these innocent loving creatures have to experience such things.

I know that your baby has been lucky to have experienced the love that you have give her. God Bless you and you will continue to be in my Prayers today and in the coming days. You are doing the kindest and most loving thing you could do for your Molly.

She will be with you in your heart, always. Thank you so much Today has been very hard. Took molly to vet and for the first time she coughed in the office.

He said she was having difficulty breatning. He x rayed her and took me back and showed me comparison from a year ago. They took several over the past couple years. He said her heart was the largest he has seen in a dog her size?

Very little room left and pressing on her lungs and trachae. He said could try to keep her comfortable a few more days. I said what would you do if she was yours, he said I cant say, but she was in a struggle for breath and lots of belly breathing. She was not herself today and when she was sitting on table she looked at me so sadly, ifelt guilty. My husband left work early to go with me. He knew this one was especially hard for me.

I gave them the go ahead and left the room. Thank heaven for hubby. I have loved all of our pets through the years, but some touch your heartin a special way and this is one of them. I still feel guilty because of the way she looked at me in such a sad way.

The vet said he was surprised she had done as well as she has in the past weeks. In two weeks four trips for check ups and new meds. One is a lhasa, lucy and a pom, chloe. Nine and ten years old. Hope they stay healthy for a long time. No more pills , no more mopping accidents on the floor, stupid me , I will miss that because it was part of her this past couple years. I never saw a mean bone in her little body and being a puppymill breeder dog for six of her twelve years is awful but if her puppies were anything like her they had to be sweethearts.

Thank you all for your support and caring about molly and all the others who are going through tough times. This site is awesome. My Priscilla, whom I lost May 9th was one such pet for me. She was my precious little sidekick. I luckily had my supportive loving hubby with me when I lost her also. You are in my thoughts. Virtual hugs sent you way. Hi Donna, Why did you stop the predisone? As a pet sitter I have cared for dogs have been on Predisone for years.

I know there are long term bad side effects but it is about quality of life. If the predisone helped please try it again. I know it is always hard to make that decision by yourself. My new Pomeranian, Precious 2 also coughs a lot when she gets excited and I was told she has the beginning of collapsing trachea.

It sounds like this is happening to your Molly now since her heart is enlarged. I guess she has a double whammy now for her health. I hope you can find the strength for making the decision that sounds like is near. I really believe that pets who we love this much will return to us again. I think Molly will also find her way back to you. I am crying like a baby reading through all of this. My 14 year old pallpiolln named Blossom is dealing with Chf.

She also is on enalpril and furosemide but I will look into removing the enalpril from her diet. She was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and was doing well on the meds, just the occasional coughing spell. Recently she has gotten much worse and is coughing nonstop and every breath seems to be a struggle. I am going to the vet as soon as possible but she gets extremely stressed out when she leaves home, to the point of anxiety attacks.

It is so hard to make this decision as I have had her since I was only 6 years old. She has been there ever since I can remember. Thank you for creating an event with children, for payments once confirmed you can deposit through the following banks. Your half payment will confirm your event altogether. Please allow at least two weeks lead time for us to arrange an event for you. Thank you for choosing to add a financial donation. Act a Video Move and creatively describe scenarios with your entire team.

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Photos, Manila Paper, Pens. Move Relay Members of each team accomplish 3 stations of moving to win: Hula Hoops, Skip Rope. Hi Lisa — you can break up the calories across the day — however, make sure you drink the aloe on an empty stomach — so if you have calories at breakfast, make sure you aloe is drunk first and you leave 15 minutes or so before eating etc… Br Neil.

Hello, I have come across this website and queries and have read with interest all the help and advice given. I wonder if someone could help me. I am currently at the end of day 2 and have not had any issues with the aloe Vera , tablets or shakes so far but my query is more about detoxing.

I was expecting to be visiting the bathroom much more frequently but so far apart from passing the extra water there is nothing. Does this mean it is not working or could I be in for a bit of shock further along the programme? Any advice would be appreciated. I have read with keen interest and appreciate your advise so far. I am on Day 5 and I must confess I feel so great. My aloe vera gel finished yesterday night.

What do you advise? Can I continue till day 9 without it? The aloe is pretty key — so it is important to get some more. Either way, keep doing the exercise and keep drinking the water. Lastly, the Fit 1 is actually very cheap. Yes, I am drinking over the 8 glasses and keeping a record to make sure I am following the plan correctly. I have a cross trainer at home and am using that every morning. I also walk around 2 miles a day so the excercise part is covered too.

I measured today on day 3 and no measurement changes but I had lost just under 2 kg. I will continue to the end the plan as I am keen to fully detox.

First time on the Clean 9 I lost 4kg and was moderately fit. Second time, about 2 years later, I was running 10ks regularly and at the top end of fitness — that time I just lost 2kg — but I did still lose a belt size, which was interesting. Also, make sure you measure weight at the same time each day — first thing in the morning is pretty good — not least because our body weight can fluctuate 2kgs with more or less water and depending on when we last went to the toilet!

And, last but not least, weighing scales vary in their accuracy and can be affected by the floor surface. Hi Neil, Could you help me please, I am on day 2 of the clean 9, I did it last year and lost a large amount of weight, but it all piled back on, I have now started it again, but it is the old one, is it still effective? And can you give me some advice on what to do next I understand there is a second programme, which I may consider if you give me the website… But could you please tell me what I can do to maintain the weight loss without buying the fit programme.

Feedback is much appreciated. Hi Sara — sure, the Clean 9 is a cleanse and designed to help the body get rid of toxins and ready for weight loss. Would you like me to set this up for you? For some people — exercise can by just walking 10 mins to work — or house or garden work! Hi Amanda — the less you smoke the better the outcome, so even if you cut down, that will help.

I would recommend that you start with the Fit 1 instead — it is more gradual and actually is focused on long term sustainable weight loss. Hi Neil,is it compulsory I will use the fit 1 after clean9?? What can I do I also forgot to take the ulta shake. If you forgot a shake, just make it up now and take it. I am on day 3 of c9, nand have been drinking a lot of water but i have not purged at all, i hope there is no problem?

Hi Ola — can you explain what you mean by purge? Which are the most important elements to continue with? So is the Aloe Vera gel more important than the shakes etc… Thank you.

Great — firstly read my article on Fit 1 and the real costs — I think you may be surprised how cheap it actually is http: Neil I started the cleanse 9 today. Also from day 3 if I replace one of the shakes for a meal how many calories would this equate to?

Or if I stick to the 2 shakes with water can I add some calories to my evening meal? Hi Anna — if you swap skimmed milk for water cl that is going to reduce the calories by about — so, as you have two shakes per day — just have a third shake — or, as you say, add the calories to your evening meal which you can also split across lunch and dinner — but keep to the calories size.

Hi, Is it ok to eat free foods during the first 2 days? Hi Mary — no, of course its okay to eat the free foods during the first two days. Our programme is not magic its not chemical, its about nutrition and exercise and you can only improve those bit by bit and day by day.

Stick at it and you will see long term results. We are not offering a quick fix — we are a long term solution to feeling better and looking better. Hi, really informative page thanks.

I havnt started it yet, do you have any tips for days before you start i want to get the most out of the cleanse as possible? Also it says to weigh in days 1,3,6,9 should i also weigh myself the day before and measure? Also what is the best time to weigh? Also i sometimes have trouble going to the toilet is clean 9 going to make this worse?

All advice appreciated thank you. Sorry one more question if you already exercise frequently do you need to up the exercise? Will you get the same results as some one that never exercises?

No Gemma — very fit people will get different results. Fit people simply need to eat many more calories and hence the programme needs to be adapted — depending on their reasons for doing it, of course. Hi, The booklet says to do exercise after breakfast — but I have to get up early for work usually 5am but sometimes earlier so I literally get up, get ready and go straight there.

I think what you suggest makes sense — the idea is that after breakfast you should be active ie doing some moderate exercise but it sounds like you are already up and moving about. However, do you drive to work? If so, can you park 10 minutes away so that you walk to work?

Okay to do in the summer I guess? Checked my bmi am Hi Joy — yes, you can start with Fit 1 and skip Clean 9.

This is a more gentle route and your initial results will be lower but more sustained. If you are already very active or doing a good amount of daily physical exercise, I would recommend this route. Or if you want to start slowly because of a medical history etc…. However, if not, then I think the Clean 9 is the best way to prepare yourself for longer term weight loss and energy gain so that you feel comfortable with more exercise — and can enjoy it.

Hi Lou — you can keep taking the folic acid — no problem. Remember, Clean 9 is a nutritional programme it is not medicine.

I am in Nigeria. Waiting for a reply. Yes, it is a good idea to register now so you can get the maximum discounts for the C9 and Fit 1.

Is there any negative effect on not leaving a 20minute gap betwene taking the garcinia, therm and aloe gel. I always take them together. Will this affect the results. Hey, I started my Clean 9 this morning, I read the breakfast step wrong and took everything i was supposed to but also had the forever lite ultra shake.

Should I leave this out at lunch time to balance it out!? Must have got carried away! Hello Mr Lewis first of i never knew about the clean 9 program until i found it on an advert in a website i visited and i contacted the agent in my country and he said the clean 9 kit will help me lose weight in both my tummy, thighs, face nd arms but i am afraid of having excess skin or a fallen stomach please coach me on this clean nine stuff i really need it.

Hi Neil, I wish to start on d clean9 weight loss program and aslo trying to get pregnant. I want to know if clean9 is safe to use while trying to conceive.

Is there any reason not to do the c9 cleanse twice in short succession? Yes Kate — there is a very good reason. The long term weight loss takes place on Fit 1 — so, Clean 9 is the best way to prepare for this — but ultimately, getting onto Fit 1 is going to make the long term difference.

Are all the portion sizes from the recipies huge!!?? Hi Lorraine — yes, you are right — there are less than calories in a three egg mushroom omlette https: I was told that my system would be flushed out…. Right now there is no change in measurements but lost 1 kilo. Any advice would be great. Hi Mich — firstly, are you measuring your waist? That is the best way to assess success not weight — read this article for why http: Secondly, are you drinking enough water and doing enough exercise?

You can always increase these if that helps? Thirdly, keep going — this is a natural product that puts nutrition back into your body. Okay, now, how many days are you willing to give your body to adjust? Will you give yourself 69 days to do the Fit programme? Hi Fagbemi — so long as you are not on prescription medication then Clean 9 and Fit 1 and 2 will be fine. I was about to start my clean9 7months post delivery. I have been on the aloe gel for the past 4months.

But I just found out I was given the old clean9 bee pollen. I decided to take the bee pollen just a little to see how it goes and sadly I am allergic to bee pollen. Plz what can I do about this? Its really saddening to know am allergic. Can you guide me on how to commence..

Hi Judith — we find it is best to go straight onto Fit 1 after the c9 or Clean 9 — in many ways Clean 9 prepares you for the rest of the fit programme, so it is best to go on straight away. Your Comment Here…am on My day 6 clean9.

I urinate like 15times a day, is it ok or is it due to My water intake? Am weight 63kg but have a big belly. Really dnt wanna loss to much weight atleast 55kg. Please should i continue fit1?

If so Please register me for cheater rate. Hi Nenye — perhaps it is because you are not used to drinking so much water? Hi Mariah — claim your money back and ask your supplier to provide you with the new Clean 9.

Just started my C9 and just need a bit of advise. Does this effect my calorie in take? Thanks for you help x. This is a great site. Please what are the free foods to be taken and can they be taken during the first two days as well. I have a mild case of migraine too and i hear headaches are a major side effect. I would also like the prescriptions for taking the bee pollen and garcinia.

Also if i were to walk as an exercise routine too busy at work for the gym , how many minutes would i av to walk for? I also hope the diet wont affect my performance at work like with the headaches, tummyaches and stuff. Also, what can i mix with the aloe if it gets too bitter. I live in nigeria so things like berry nectar and cranberry flavoured drinks are hard to find.

Is there something common or natural that i can mix it with? Is skimmed milk also okay with the shake? Lastly can i wear a tummy girdle during the period of the cleanse? Hi Ayo — you can find a link to the booklet here http: Advice on headaches is here http: And advice on exercise is here http: Hi Neil, i started using clean 9 on the 12th, its 16th today and i havent noticed any change…i have been following it religiously and i exercise daily.

Have you been drinking enough water Ellem? Often people largely underestimate the amount of water they need to drink? Hi Neil Thank you very much for all the above informations. My questions are 1 Is Aloe drink taken on empty stomach and why and how minutes before lunch 2 Do I take Therm immediately following Aloe or dinner 3 Can I add Lean pill to this Clean 9 4 I am taking Cambridge Weight Plan meal which is kcal in place of Ultra meal and dinner.

I want to conserve energy. What is your thoughts. Though I still have much. Thanks for your questions — I have updated the page and answered them here http: Normally, I recommend reducing the amount of aloe — or drinking a bottle for a week prior to starting the Clean 9 — especially if you have a lot of toxins or have not been eating very well. However, it is hard to give general advice, so do ask your distributor for help.

However, the programme is designed to improve not perfect things — so, if you can cut down your coffee and reduce your smoking that will be an improvement. I do find that smokers find the taste of the aloe difficult — but when you take the aloe, you will have less desire to smoke. Hi Chi — I always recommend Clean 9 followed by Fit 1 — this gives best results all over. I am worried however that I am not getting enough calories as my weight loss is fairly minimal. Are the shakes a must take?

Yes Michelle — you will be starving yourself without the shakes. Hi I started my clean9 program today. I find it hard to drink the aloe Vera gel. When I took it I started throwing up. What can I do but am taking the other supplements. Hi Tomisin — you should stop the programme and take small sips of the aloe each day until your body starts to cleanse. In any of these situations you are best advised to start very slowly with the aloe until your body is cleaner and better able to handle the clean 9 programme.

Will that change the results? Am I ok to continue without it? If so — should I replace it with something and if so — what would you recommend? The calories — could this be anything? I usually take them all at once! And do I then need to wait to have food? And do the free foods count as part of that calorie intake? However, you really need to discuss this with the person who provided the box.

Especially during the first two days- are you only meant to have one thing a day?! I started the C9 cleanse and on day 3 i was down 3 inch and down 3 pound which was great, feeling great lots of energy, but now on day 5, my inches have reverted back to what they were, and i am bloated. Sorry i ordered directly from the website and not been presented with a instructor that i am aware of. I had something similar and started drinking aloe gently and it helped greatly — but that was 19 years ago!

Best regards Neil https: Hi Sultan — you do need to be careful and speak to your suppliers and also medical advisors. If you purchase your Clean 9 through us, then we are happy to provide the advice and support without charge.

What it will give you is a good basis of nutrition and that may result in your growing more — depending on how your nutrition has been so far? Hi,you doing really great with the answers and advice,am about to start the clean 9 program but the I just want to ask….

Remember that during Clean 9 you lose water and toxins and maybe a couple of kg of fat — so in total, it might be 4kg.

Hi, Just started the clean 9 yesterday, this is my day 2 and i have been snacking on peanuts a little. Yes, you will drink one bottle of aloe vera in the first two days — in fact, you should have finished the first bottle after day two — so perhaps you are not drinking enough? Am weighing kg and want to reduce to 60k cuz am a size 16 but wish to drop to size Ideally you continue straight onto Fit 1, yes. This is because the Clean 9 is a preparation for Fit 1.

Does a packet of each of the above at lunch time only have an effect? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Louise — thanks for your message. Yes, you are right, it is a bit vague and deliberately so. There are two reasons for this — firstly, different people start at differnt points — so, our first aim is to help some one start to eat better and raise exercise levels a bit and gain more control ie.

Ideally, we would answer this question better if we knew your individual circumstances. So, our goal is improvement not perfection — so, that largely depends on who you are. There is a tendancy for people to seek a miracle or instant cure for weight or health issues that have built up over many months and years. My answer is nearly always the same — the only thing that will ruin your results is giving up. No matter what happens, we always end up slipping off the plan and we need — with encoragement and trust in ourselves — to just keep putting ourselves back on the plan.

It is going to happen — it happens to me and everone — the only choice is, do we get back on the plan or give up. We run a group too for our clients as that gives them extra confidence and an opportunity to share experiences. Hi Neil, day 1 and 2 were really good, i had lots of water and all and did some vigorous exercise. I checked my weight on day 3 morning and i saw that i had lost 3 kg. Today is day 4, i was thinking of staying of food completely, not even d fibre or shake, just d tablet and aloe so i can flush out my system completely to make up for d calories consumed yesterday.

Hi Zo — yes, I am not surprised — you are not meant to do more than 30 minutes moderate exercise — a brisk walk — on days 1 and 2 — and if you do more, then you need to adjust your calories.

In addition, is it ok to drink green tea during the 9days? Can we follow the cal diet for day one or by day 3. Secondly can i have a chart stating low GI foods along with the calorie count for the foods. Hi Cheryl — you should follow the plan in the booklet that you have in your Clean 9 box?

Or are you missing that? Neil A sale rep in my country Jordan says that it is highly recommend that women start the product just after they finish their periods. Is that evidence -based? I assume it should not matter as hormonal changes and fluids retention are cyclic! Hi Saba — I am not aware of any evidence for this claim. It might make sense from a comfort point of view — in that the first two days are a version of fasting and that would probably be more comfortable after the period has finished.

Dear Neil, I finally started my clean 9 programme today. Not sure what to do in the booklet it says breakfast,2X forever Garcinia plus softgel,4 oz aloe vera gel. My question can i take my normal breakfast or just what is listed above that i am allowed to take? I had 2 litres to start with and completed the 32oz in the first 2 days. Looking ahead, Aloe Vera gel is mentioned at all three meals, but in small print for Lunch and Dinner. Do I need to continue with 4oz x 3 time a day or just 4oz once a day when I want?

So — do you have a booklet which explains? If not, you can download the metric booklet from the link on this page. However, rule of thumb — drink one bottle of aloe vera in the first two days — the second bottle of aloe vera is consumed in the following 7 days. On day two of c9 got too hungry that cud not manage to sleep n decided to take spinach and a boiled egg for supper will this interfere with the program. Hi Prisca — yes, it will interfere but mildly.

Secondly if i am out in a coffee shop with friends would it be better to have black decaf coffee my preference or green tea as I looked up cafine is less in decaf coffee.

At home I will have decaf tea no milk. I guess on the first two days, water would be best — because you are attempting to give the body a break from coffee etc and the term tablet will already give you natural caffeine. I use to weigh Hi Ajadi — have you read this post http: I have started the C9 programme.

I need to know how many calories approximately would the tablets, aloe vera gel, the fibre and shake be in the C9 cleanse? Hi im on Day 5 of the clean 9. I havnt been taking the protein shake at breakfast, is that wrong? I take a protein shake for lunch or dinner and a cal meal. Will i loose more if i take the protein shake in the morning too?

Look for ward to your reply. Hi I hv started take c9 since zis Monday.. I hv loss only 1 Kgs and get urinated more often since I started ze c And I would like to start fit1 when can I get start? Hi Saheer — perhaps this article will help? You can start Fit 1 immediately after Clean 9 — in fact, it is what we recommend. Your Comment Here…good evening sir. I was just wondering about if we could eat our calories trough the whole day, because in the booklet it says we eat them on dinner!

Hi I have vry big bust so is it possible for the c9 to help burn the fat in my bust alone?? Hi Ross — I know people who have lost weight from their bust — but it is impossible to say for sure.

Hi Neil, Over the last 13 months, I embarked on a diet and exercise regime that has seen me drop about 18kg. I currently get at least 2 days of minimum 10k walks a week, and I play squash for between 40 to 60 mins minimum twice a week so that is about 4 days of activity. Exercising is pretty much a part of me now so I firmly expect that to continue over the years. Would you recommend that I get on the Clean 9 programme?

What would be the pros and cons? The Fit 1 will give you the nutrition to support that level of exercise whilst also helping you to eat well and steadily lose the weight. I finished the clean 9 about a week ago. Hi Pat — probably the Garcina — you can buy that individually if you want https: Although, the Forever Vanilla Shake will also be a key part on delivering high quality nutrition — and especially proteins — with minimal calories — and as you do a little more exercise, this will be essentially.

Lastly, you might want to consider the term too — that helps keep the energy levels high and beat the desire for coffee or tea. I understand the bit about C9 being unable to give sufficient nutritional calories. But that would mean my calorie intake would be far lower than output and equal to quicker weight loss? Is that available for purchases and delivery to Lagos, Nigeria? Hi Yinka — yes, there a lot of people interested in the Clean 9 in Nigeria and across the world too.

The key about weight loss is that there is a natural speed limit — that is calories per day less than what you need. In which case, start your Clean 9 more slowly..

I noticed I reduced 2 inch in ma arms plus waist but d rest of ma body is still dsame like b4 wic I angry left. But I wat to start anoder clean9. Pls can u guide me on wat to do. Often our weight scales are in accurate?

If you lost inches around your waist and the rest of your body, it sounds like the Clean 9 worked. Can you tell me your current weight, height, age and how much you want to lose and then I can advise. I started 27th Dec. By 29th, I had lost 2. I do 10km fast walk everyday since I stated C9.

Do you think I should increase my calorie intake because I always feel weak after the walk. Hi Aisah — on the Clean 9 — you can take them together — you just want to take the garcinia 20 mins before proper meals to allow it into the system for best results. Hi my mom would really like to do the c9 but it says not to do if you have kidney disease? She was born with a normal kidney and a very small kidney never had any trouble she only found out by having to have an operation for something else, would it be safe to do the c9?

Hi Hannah — not sure — best to buy as bottle of aloe vera and then ask your doctor — it kind on depends on if she is taking any medication etc… https: Am confused pls, m n my day 3 lunch, can I take fruits from d free food N what can I take as calories meal for dinner?

There are a few recipe ideas in your Clean 9 Booklet http: Hi Neil, I mistakingly skipped dinner on d 2nd day of d c9, how do i make it up? I continued from the 3rd day. What do i do with the skipped dinner? I drank plenty of water. More than recommended and I ran 3 times a week and the rest I walked around 4km each day.

I felt incredibly poorly day 3 also, with the shakes and lightheaded. When I work with runners or very fit people, I adapt the programme to fit their schedule — so that would explain the faintness and lightheadedness. Am so happy I got your website. I am on day two of clean 9, I made a mistake of taking carrots, Pawpaw and apples on day one. Also, I need to know about the discount on Fit 1, as I would love to continue by doing Fit 1.

I reside in Nigeria. I look forward to your mail and reply. Hi Tobi — well, it all depends on the glycemic load — Pawpaw is high — so best to avoid it. Carrots are lower than pawpaw too — so it would be better to stick to carrots. Here is a useful list http: Hi Zainab — yes, you need to take the shake — perhaps it is the milk that you are using as I have never heard of anyone having a problem with it?

You can change the milk too, of course. Hi Neil, i am a lover of FLP. I have used clean 9 products so many times and it works super fast for me, in fact I start loosing weight on the 4th day, and at the end of the program a loose so much weight and end up looking too slim.

M done using the clean 9 and am on 3rd day of fit1 now thou I lost weight wit the clean9 though the weight keeps fluctuating but i av chest fat lik female breast every other thing is reducing gradually but they breast fat aint going down even though am doing enough exercise. Do you already have your box? If so, you can ask to exchange it and begin on Fit 1 instead and then go back to Clean 9 later.

I am in day 3 of Clean 9 and drinking a lot of water but I have been finding it difficult to empty my bowels.

How much is Clean 9?