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How much does an Independent Distributor make at Herbalife in South Africa?

Herbalife Independent Distributor monthly salaries in South Africa
Advice to Management Get a real job and stop screwing people over. Advice to Management Keep up the great work! Was this review helpful? Cons If you want to get success you have to be organized, methodical and auto motivated You should invest by your own on international trainings. When we decided to do the business we worked it around our full time jobs a social worker.

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There are monthly on-line meetings and seminars hosted in your area. The hardest part is to source capital to have enough products at home to serve clients varied needs. I take orders throughout the month and then deliver them at the start of the next month by fetching my products from Herbalife Cape Town. The part that I enjoy most and which satisfies my reason for promoting is when I see peoples bodies, minds and habits transform for the better.

People get more confident and feel a sense of accomplishment. The results are really amazing for those that stay committed. Was this review helpful? Herbalife is an amazing company and if you have the motivation to work hard, you have the ability to make a lot of money By helping people get healthy, lose weight and make an extra income.

Discounts on products, potential to earn unlimited income, team building, support. Working as an Independent Distributor was a lot of hard work but a dream come true for me. I started as a nutrition club representative when I first got into Herbalife. I really loved the business side of the company and wanted to get into Herbalife full-time. I became a distributor because I wanted to help people personally and individually and give them an experience they will never forget.

Being a distributor gave me the opportunity to connect with people and use my people skills to my advantage. Overall it was an excellent experience and I learned so much about sales and distribution. Being an Independent Distributor is something I would recommend to anyone who is willing to get into sales and to help people from a nutrition perspective.

Herbalife is an amazing company to work for. They really do take care of their employees with compensations and yearly awards. Very family oriented and driven. Fast paced company to work for. Great company to work for, very fast pace a very high volume of product being manufactured, a company whose products are aimed at improving peoples lives. It is an amazing jobs with amazing people to coach you all the way. It is an easy job to work at, you have your speed rate at which you can do things.

Great place to work. Great place to work This company helped me develop skills and had a nurturing and friendly environment. My manager did an awesome job during my internship to help me increase my skills.

A place where you can learn to personally develope yourself and help people. Where you can become your best self if you choose it. Best decision I ever made. Herbalife is a platform for the acerage person to live and extraordinary life. To become more than you are and earn what you are worth. A place to make friends and learn new skills.

A place to advance in life and be yourself while creating a business. Herbalife is a network marketting company and gives you the opportunity to build your own business with their platform.

Promotions and bonuses are not fairly distributed to the achievers, but to the "managers" that take credit for your work. Don't count on any type of real career advancement, training or skill acquisition. It's a lot of lip service, empty promises. Product available in the pantry, onsite gym, great cafe, flexible time, work from home days.

Productive enviroment and we had a ping pong table in the Lunch Room. Herbalife was a great job. Everyone was friendly and had positive attitude towards work and life. If I can I would work there again. During lunch time we were able to make protien shakes in the lunch room if desired. The company itself is a great place with friendly people and secured facility, with many employers. I usually got to work and began loading containers, i learned how to be quick on my feet and stay moving at all times, to prevent boxes from overloading.

The workplace culture was really positive with everyone doing their job, and giving me great feed back. I would say the hardest part of my job was constantly picking up boxes and loading them inside the heat of the truck, not so much the weight i had to carry. Help customer and cashier services. I was always helping everybody including my co-worker, and the customer to enjoy their visit and try to make everybodys job easier so like that we can work in a good environment and the customer would be satisfied.

Great place to grow your self and indepence. I get to learn a lot about myself,my flaws, and how to become the best version of myself.

The integrity of the company is mind blowing. The culture is something I've never experienced before. Everyone is so positive and want to see you succeed.

How much does an Independent Distributor make at Herbalife in Australia?