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A terror raid that doesn't make the headlines - despite chemical explosives and a rocket launcher

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He enthusiastically carries out his vision through his coaching, training, and mentoring with clients across the U. What value do we add—to the organization, customers, society? But then Labour used texts by Chris Bishop to try to destroy his career. She has been caught covering up details of this issue, so on principle IMO she should resign. Do apologize for our other car unfortunately has a car rental company's insurance Was suspended do i have just a case against them Night out with extra coverage you need Until the board of regent's guidelines and the owner or professional causes Information, and contact a lawyer to deal with.

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Next time news hub or garner tries to crap on about labour how about reminding them of John Key and his non meetings before giving private media public money: Released text messages between Curran and Hirschfeld reveal nothing about meeting topic: Ex-TV3 head of news Mark Jennings tries to make sense of it: The hapless Curran screwed up publicly in handling lively activity in her electorate a few years ago. She even wanted the NZ Council to kick people out of the party who had the temerity to grow the Labour party in her patch.

She was way out of her depth. She help a positions because she is foot soldier for Grant Robertson. This, amongst other things, shows how the MSM are controlling the narrative in this country, and RNZ is part of the problem. Clare is not up to the huge task of setting up a quality, non commercial Public Broadcaster.

This is the foundations of Demockary we are attempting to construct. Without a well resourced, impartial, non commercial, and informed media there is no Democracy. Get on with it. Quality noncommercial public broadcasting is what the country needs. At the moment all your comments are going into spam and sometimes that fixes that.

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Nick K to Stuart Munro on. Sacha to Incognito on. BM to Ed on. Graeme to Ad on. Nick to BM on. Chris T to Ed on. Ed to Chris T on. Ed to BM on. Incognito to Sacha on. Ed to Warren Doney on. Ed to Incognito on. Incognito to Ed on. North Carolina and Hurricane Florence. What does it take for bosses not to get their bonus? Brownlee accused of bullying lawyer. Ray Avery, Netsafe and the right to public discourse. Business NZ runs bogus poll.

Ghahraman speaks out about online trolls. Guest post — Breast is best. Is Politik a propaganda mouthpiece for the UK Embassy? A Tale of Two Protests. We need to push back on Leighton Smith. The right work themselves into a frenzy about Ardern and Curran. Curran resigns as a Minister. Politicians should be allowed to have families.

And the antisemites are…? Winston and the refugee issue. Zionism and Anti-Semitism Both Suck. Libspill set to Toy Story. Bridges establishes working group to prepare discussion document. Farrar peddles climate change denial nonsense. Simon Bridges says the weirdest things — Criminal Justice. Worst campaign video ever? Business confidence verses business certainty. Australia bans Manning but lets in Au pair for rich Liberal donors. Simon Bridges says the weirdest things — petrol prices.

Feeds Party Scoop Some Media. Some leaders of the Mau, a non-violent movement for Samoan liberation from harsh colonial rule by New Zealand. The New Zealand police killed eleven protestors at a Mau demonstration in What were her racist comments? Cut your hair By calebmorgan. As we sit on our deck in the spring sunshine at Ohiwa and enjoy the warmer temperatures, we notice each day another unmistakable sign that spring is upon us.

There is a large and growing number of small boats out Bryan Gould By Bryan Gould. Coal Action By Cindy Baxter. A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week. Editor's Pick Paris Conundrum: An industrial complex in Oberhausen, Germany in January This seems to contradict the reports in the same surveys that firms are expecting higher sales, taking Pundit By Brian Easton.

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. Climate change mitigation Climate change communication Inconvenience vs. Reflections on different faces of climate contrarianism in Poland and Norway A new, valid measure of climate change understanding: For institutions to meet the needs of all New Zealanders, staff and students must have a strong voice in decisions about how institutions are One of the fundamental rules of refugee law is that you do not deport people to be murdered.

Guess what the UK is doing? An Afghan man who sought refuge from the Taliban in the UK has been shot dead in Back in February, Auckland Transport on behalf Transport Blog By Matt L. What if, instead of Jim Anderton and the Alliance; someone and something very different had emerged from the wreckage of the New Zealand labour movement at the end of the s?

A left-wing populist leader: A Spectacle Of Punishment: As always in the Theatre of Cruelty, we were treated to the spectacle of hate without cause; The last week of August marked the 50th anniversary of the in famous Democratic Party convention in Chicago. Thousands of people turned up outside the convention to protest the war being waged by the United States, via a Democratic Party The Chills' album Snow Bound is released today.

It's the second of a late career return for the band and its leader Martin Phillipps that seemed an unlikely prospect for most of the 20 years before it actually happened. Frankly Speaking By Frank Macskasy. Australia is sending refugees back to persecution again: At least a dozen Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been forcibly deported back to Sri Lanka, having been put on a specially chartered jet that left Perth at 2am on Tuesday.

Parliamentary Services is currently advertising for a pair of "security intelligence officers": Reporting to the Security Enablement Manager, this role will collect information of intelligence value, conduct analysis of the information collected and prepare standardised intelligence product, in order to inform How backwards is Spain? They don't just have a sedition law, but also a law against blasphemous libel: A Spanish actor accused of ridiculing God and the Virgin Mary has been detained for questioning by a judge, police have said, in Latayvia Tualasea-Tautai is pushing for Pacific people to get involved in politics.

Ahead of a Both Worlds documentary on her work, she tells The Wireless how growing up in poverty motivated her. My name is Latayvia Taiaopo Ngaire Annastasia If you were to listen to some of the media, you might get the impression that cycleways are popping up all over Auckland.

In reality it had been over a year since the last one opened, the Waterview Shared Path back Over the past few years, Hungary has been transforming itself into an authoritarian state. Not to mention being Last month, Newsroom revealed that the bright-line test for taxing property speculators had a compliance rate of just two-thirds. But despite widespread tax cheating by wealthy property speculators, IRD isn't actually doing anything about the problem: In spite of the bright-line It is increasingly clear that some supposedly expert commentators on the political scene have a poor understanding of how a parliamentary democracy actually works.

The cardinal principle of such a system of government is that it is parliament — not Several pieces of legislation enacted under the previous government saw a vast increase in State surveillance. The atmosphere, the oceans, and the ground are all warming. But these things are not happening in isolation.

There are two things remarkable about coverage of the Venezuelan crisis. The first is the silence of the Left in the face of it. Last month, Checkpoint carried the story of an Auckland renter living in a house so poorly maintained that there was a literal swamp underneath it.

Those who profess to favour freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without ploughing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean Writing in Stuff , Hamish Rutherford highlights the governments apparent backdowns over electricity prices and a capital gains tax and asks what is Labour for?

But beneath the pragmatism are more fundamental questions. Where the Government has promised intervention, the signs Whether to run express services or not is an age-old debate when it comes to public transport. When Parliament passed the Harmful Digital Communications Act , people warned them that it threatened journalism. The lack of a public interest defence or explicit protection for media activities meant that: If a current affairs investigation into a dodgy finance company Good news for transparency: How the anti-fluoride activist envisages their debate challenge — their hero standing up against the might of the health authorities.

Open Parachute By Ken. The International Criminal Court is the primary enforcer of international human rights law and norms against war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So naturally, the United States is threatening its judges: John Bolton, the hawkish US national security adviser, has threatened As we learned a few months back , it can be challenging to improve cycling infrastructure in existing parts of the city — especially when you have so many competing uses for the same space.

It requires strong design and, ultimately, New Zealand media argue that Facebook and Google have become too dominant in the New Zealand digital media market, harming the sustainability of newsrooms, and hindering the quality and diversity of local journalism. The Commerce Commission and the High Court, Briefing Papers By Merja Myllylahti.

Thanks to the British government's inability to agree on anything, a no-deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely. National, the landlord's party, opposes rental warrants of fitness , spouting the usual bullshit about how they'll drive up rents and see people sleeping in cars.

Of course, what they're really worried about is that landleeches like their very When Labour formed a government last year, there was an expectation that they'd finally do what National had refused to, and introduce a capital gains or wealth tax to remove the richs' tax loopholes. But their tax working group apparently Story of the Week Editorial of the Week Quote of the Week Coming Soon on SkS SkS Week in Review Poster of the Week Transport Blog By Guest Post.

Welcome back to Sunday Reading. Sunday Reading is now entirely unreliable. Please leave your links in the comments section. First off, shared electric scooters are Transport Blog By Kent Lundberg.

Editor's Pick A powerful current just miles from SC is changing. It could devastate the East Coast. Scientists are concerned whale civilizations will never advance if we stop sending them plastic bags.

Department of Conservation experts believe that recent sightings of Southern right whales in Wellington Harbour may be related to the upcoming plastic bag ban that The Civilian By admin.

Former Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran may have lost her job, but she survives another day without being fired from it. From the earliest European settlements in New Zealand, economic strategy was dominated by the notion that the state should lead the development of the economy. Closing the Gap By Marino Smith. This will be a lesson for a still evolving Prime Minister.

Better the Band-Aid is pulled off quickly than the slow, painful tear. The now former Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran could have been shown the door two weeks ago when Pundit By Tim Watkin. Three hundred inmates in Nova Scotia, Canada have also joined the strike. The strike began on August 21, the anniversary of Clare Curran quit today. But just this morning, the Prime Minister was knowingly lying to us about it on the radio: Jacinda Ardern insisted in an interview today that she would not fire Clare Curran - but the Prime Minister had Speakers at the celebrations will recall how the great man — almost alone — had used Simon Wilson elaborated further in the Herald on the same day.

This was after the Auckland Transport chair and CEO had both presented their new safety plans to the When the battle for Idlib is over, where will the fighters who have sworn never to surrender go next? In , Myanmar stepped up its campaign of persecution against the Rohingya and began a campaign of outright ethnic cleansing. Villages were burned, women raped, and there was widespread murder.

An estimated 10, were killed and , forced to flee Tertiary Education Union By Ed. After all, as Henry Kissinger so crudely put it: Yet some workers at AUT do not receive this. Rather than pandering to SME demands that the state hobble the unions with legislative leg-irons, Bridges should steadfastly repeat the criticism of Imagine a highly-trained ready-reaction force combining elements of the army, navy and air-force specifically trained and equipped to project New Zealand military power independently across the South Pacific.

Such a force would be capable of This is part three of my chapter, here are parts Transport Blog By Patrick Reynolds. Two senior government sources said the meeting was scheduled for Tuesday so The Indian Supreme Court has decriminalised homosexuality: New animal welfare regulations will be coming into effect in October. Activist and former Auckland mayoral candidate Penny Bright is in the last stages of her last battle in this physical realm, and I thought that I would share a few words in recognition of her.

She represents an old breed Before the Pacific Forum meeting on Nauru, there was hope that the Prime Minister would represent New Zealand values while she was there. Nauru is a concentration camp for Australia, a place of incarceration and torture for the refugees Australia Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash has confirmed the next stage of digital monitoring across the wider commercial fishing fleet will begin in January Greens By Gareth Hughes.

Twenty new Police officers have today made history at the first graduation ceremony of recruits in Auckland for more than 40 years. Police Minister Stuart Nash says the graduation of Section 5 of Wing marks a generational shift in Justice Minister Andrew Little has launched an international human rights law book that will play an important role in the development of New Zealand law by reference to international human rights standards.

Family First NZ says that the latest US government survey on drug use and health makes sobering reading, and on the back of statistics earlier this week out of Colorado should send a clear warning to New Zealand families to Staff and students in tertiary education institutions are calling on parliament to be bolder and ensure their expertise around teaching, learning, and research is taken seriously in strategic planning for institutions.

The Association supports Te Reo Maori as a a Proper funding for parliamentary offices, including the Opposition, is a central part of our democracy, and Ministers cannot just dismiss it out of hand, the PSA says.

The Social Services and Community Committee is seeking public submissions on a bill that would make it possible for foster parents, or kin carers, to open a KiwiSaver account for a foster child in their care. At present, foster parents Biosecurity officials are promising to take tough action against cargo vessels believed to be infested with brown marmorated stink bug during the upcoming risk season.

We are reminded of our similarities and embracing of our differences. Environmental group WWF-New Zealand today welcomed the announcement by Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash that electronic catch and position reporting will be implemented across the entire fishing fleet.

The Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand SEANZ today fully endorsed the Greenpeace proposal to redirect taxpayer-funded subsidies for fossil fuels and divert them to supporting half a million homes install solar and batteries. Join us to write your submission on the Review of Renting 5: Auckland, 13th September — New Zealanders have nominated Greenpeace has unveiled a plan that would see half a million New Zealand homes solarised over the next 10 years with money currently being used to subsidise the oil and gas industry.

The head of an Auckland law firm planning a class action against manufacturers of non-compliant steel mesh is surprised and disappointed that one of her staff has been targeted by MP Gerry Brownlee. A riveting and visually rich documentary, telling stories of climate change impact with compassion Family First NZ says that the experience of Colorado with legalisation of dope and the rise of Big Marijuana should send a clear warning to New Zealand families to resist any weakening of drug laws or allowing another Big Tobacco No sooner had the former Minister resigned her remaining portfolios than she was admitting there might be more emails on her private email address with chief technology officer prospect Derek Handley than she first acknowledged, but that she was working The New Zealand Beverage Council NZBC says that calls for a sugar tax on sugar-sweetened beverages are misguided and there is increasing international evidence that shows sugar taxes are ineffective in reducing obesity.

A Ministry of Social Development report released yesterday shows that almost half of people going off the benefit returned to Work and Income within 18 months. Additionally, the report shows that a third of the people exiting a benefit are Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand CA ANZ fully supports the intent of new legislation opening the way to increase automation for taxpayers, but is concerned by a potential gap between policy intent and the day-to-day impact on Kiwi tax Chair, Sir Taihakurei Durie, As the PSA leadership have since publicly released a statement defending their support for Typhoon Mangkhut as seen from the foyer of the of the Mira de Polaris hotel about 15 km from the heart of San Nicolas.

The Spinoff By Toby Manhire. Speaking to an invited audience at Fletcher Building plans to invest "tens of millions" of dollars in a 'panelised' housing plant in South Auckland that could churn out two houses a day. The announcement comes as the government's KiwiBuild programme calls for the establishment of new Kristin Hall reports on the view from Ireland. Macdara has four more flavours.

How many mills are Macdara? The Spinoff By Kristin Hall. ACT struggled thanks to the two-horse race, the approach taken by some media, and the behaviour of our coalition partner. The Spinoff By David Seymour. The Single Object is a series exploring our material culture, examining the meaning and influence of objects that surround us in everyday life. In the third piece in the series Emma Ng examines the once lost Chinese typeface used to print The Spinoff By Emma Ng. The National Party would have ensured veterans played a part in a recent ceremony marking the return of 27 soldiers from South East Asia, its defence spokesperson says.

Radio NZ — political. The Green Party has its own priority list to tick off in the two years until next election, and it includes matters beyond the party's confidence and supply agreement with Labour. Evening Report By The Conversation.

Twenty years ago I chose the rare rainforest An international conference in the Caribbean this week focusing on critical thinking, interrogative discourse and rigorous research has featured the Pacific Media Centre chair. A new survey shows New Zealanders are feeling more positive about the Labour-NZ First coalition government than they were the previous one. The Spinoff TV airs The Spinoff By The Spinoff.

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