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Sample Meal Plan & Grocery Shopping List for the 21 Day Fix Program
When I tried them separately I never had any problems whatsoever, but after trying them both two days in a row I sensed a slight discomfort in my chest. Its because they know the science behind food and fitness. Based on the comments echoing your sentiments, you have certainly found an audience who drinks your brand of Kool-Aid anyways. Take Shakeology, for example. And MLM is the bailiwick of fools. Your shake is garbage. I want to start with power this time; compete with Tanya she is a machine:

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology – Vanilla

Drinking a Shakeology shake immediately after your P90X workout is a great way to refuel the body and feed your muscles for fast recovery. Shakeology is currently available in 2 flavors, greenberry and chocolate. While both flavors are tasty, I have to give the edge to chocolate in the taste department. Another advantage to the chocolate flavor is the fact that it has a slightly higher protein content. This is due to the fact that the serving size for Chocolate is 8 grams higher than for greenberry.

The extra ingredients mostly chocolate powder and cocoa powder add an additional 2 grams of protein to chocolate Shakeology shakes. Hopefully this Shakeology review has given you some useful information that will prove to be helpful in deciding whether or not Shakeology is for you.

I highly recommend that you try Shakeology out for yourself and decide whether or not you agree! I lost about 15 pounds over a 2 month period by replacing my lunch with the shake and eating a balanced diet.

I recommend the chocolate flavor…was not a fan of the green berry. Replaced my lunch with Shakeology for 4 days just to try it out and lost 2lbs! Just be sure to save a copy to enable editing. You might notice that for some food groups, I have less foods listed than the number of portion cups allowed for the day. This is because I might have two portions of mixed greens or two portions of a yellow container , but only listed each one once on the chart.

Here is what a sample day of eating looks like on the 21 Fix diet plan at the 1. Try to space your meals hours apart.

This ensures that your body is getting the right amount of food at the right times. You should always go to the grocery store with a list of foods to buy. I used this grocery list for the 21 Day Fix by printing it out and making a note in the margins of how many servings of each container I needed for the week. This is not the complete list of 21 Day Fix foods, it should be used for guidance purposes only. Since the initial release of the 21 Day Fix program in the food list has been updated a couple times.

The basics remain the same, whole foods, categorized by nutritional value. There you will find more detail than I could ever provide to the foods and corresponding food amounts.

A serving of Shakeology counts as 1 red container in the 21 Day Fix portion approach diet. The serving size is a scoop or a packet. Yes, this is what I do on weekdays for breakfast. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Greenberry , plus two Vegan options: Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry. If you have a lactose sensitivity, try the Vegan formulas as they are made from pea protein instead of whey.

You can always individually portion out servings into ziploc bags if you need to for convenience. I am ready to tackle the 21 day fix. I have been wishy-washy and have found counting calories is not for me. What tips do you have for keeping up with the food? Working out will not be a problem for me. HI Allie, Planning and meal prep would be my two biggest tips. Every week I would outline a meal plan for the week and then cook up a bunch of protein and cut up veggies for quick snacks.

Hello — found the article and I am interested in portion control containers. But when I checked your meal sample, I am confused — where you get the numbers from? I am in range and I wanted to know how to calculate the numbers for each container. Here is a link to a post that explains more about how to calculate your 21 Day Fix calorie level.

Hi Bethany, What would you suggest for a vegetarian for protein? Usually I use beans as my protein but they are carbs.

I also add eggs to salads but would it be too many eggs if I had an egg in my salad and eggs for breakfast? I plan on having eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, a shake for lunch and salad with protein for dinner along with snacks.

Any suggestions would be great. Hi Sue, The beans, lentils, and quinoa can be counted as red instead of yellow for vegetarians who follow the fix. A few eggs a day should not be to much. And, here is a blog post for vegans that you can take a look at that might help — https: What is a substitute for the shakeology?

If you use the, shakeology what kind of liquid do you use in it. Hi Shirlyn, The shake is a red container, so any foods from that category. The ingredient fibersol , which they talk about reducing hunger in studies can also be purchased separately. Hello Bethany, I am thinking about doing this the 21 day fix after I finish the current program I am doing.

I would love to do the Shakeology, but they have a derivative of mushroom which I am allergic to, as well as chocolate and lactose intolerant. I was just wondering if you know of any other ideas for the Shakeology…. Hi Cherie, With your allergy concerns I would consult with a doctor. Making your own smoothies ss not bad either, I just made a blueberry, avocado, and kale smoothie myself.

I would like to attain for information on the 21 day fix. I have two kids and have gained some weight during The course of the years. I would like to loose atleast 30 pounds but most importantly become committed to a healthy lifestyle.

I have read many comments and I think this diet plan will be beneficial for me. I am just a bit confused on the meal plans and exercises. Hi Lix, Here is a link to my full 21 Day Fix https: Is it ok to up your calorie intake if doing other exercises in addition to the 21 day fix program?

I am a runner and I do yoga almost daily. I am finding that I am quite hungry after running, yoga AND 21 day fix. I am 24 and aiming to lose pounds. Hi Chantelle, You can, the container I see recommended to be added in are the green then red containers first.

I can say the program is is very well organized and easy to follow. Another recommendation the I have is to take a look at the PiYo or Tai Cheng program, here is a more in depth article that I wrote about a few of the Beachbody programs.

Is it 2 teaspoon per serving or 1. Is this a total of 4 teaspoon daily or just 2? Hi Shirley, There are links near the bottom of the blog post, under the question and answer part. I was just wondering if it is possible to use canned crab meat or even imitation crab meat pollock to make crabcakes that I found a recipe for on Pinterest. Or should you stay away from canned meat?

Hi Krissy, Canned meat is usually fine. Meat is usually steam cooked before begin canned. I would just take a look at the ingredients and try to get stuff that does not have added salt and has been canned in water or olive oil and not soybean. Hello, I have just received my 21 day fix and am on day 3, I have a few questions as I am unable to register for a coach as in UK from the website.

Firstly regarding milk, limited to two teas a day and can be used as a treat 3 times a week, so the cereal allowance is dry then? Unless only 3 times a week as a treat and swap milk for a yellow tub. Hi Debbie, Milk can be used three times a week as a yellow container. You can have dry cereal if you like. I believe Quorn products are not listed in the nutrition plan either because of how it is processed of they are not main stream enough in the states it is not something I am all that familiar with myself.

And, yes a filled purple container of grapes is a serving. Can I use shakeology and another meal replacement together on the 21 day fix. Like use shakeology as a breakfast shake and use another meal replacement as a snack. I started the 21 day fix starting with Yoga last night. Tonight I am doing the full body cardio. Any hints on sticking with the working out and eating the correct portions? Hi Sara, I would schedule it into your calendar to start. Some people have success with rewarding themselves after reaching a certain benchmark of workouts completed.

I love the visuals you provided. It helps me stay on track. How long have you been eating based on the 21 Day Fix? I have been seeing someone who has been helping me with my health. Hi Nadine, You might need to make some adjustments with the whole milk, but I would talk to your nutritionist before making any adjustments on your own. Why is regular milk not mentioned anywhere and if I were to incorporate it… what would it count as? This post is really just for an overview of what I did, to really follow the program you need a copy of the eating guide that comes with the program.

I purchased the 21 day fix about a year ago and am just getting serious about doing it now. I have the workouts and the containers but cannot locate the books that had the diet plans and how much of each container I should be having at each meal. Is there any place I can purchase just the Plan or get access to it? Just found your site and im happy i did! Im very motivated to start.

I ordered my kit and its on its way. I do have 2 questions if you dont mind answering. That seems high should it be at — ? What lower carbs can i fill the yellow container with? Or can i double up on veggies instead? Hi May, You are in the 1, to 1, range.

Here is the link to my post about calculating 21 Day Fix calories. People do tend to need the complex carbs when also working out to fuel their workout. Hello there, I see gray containers listed but. Hey Bethany, I have a question.

Lately I have been finding it hard to use coconut oil as a tsp. If I can use this how many tsp or which containers would this fall under? The Misto is a reusable pump that you can add your own oils to and use like you would the sprays.

As for counting the containers, if you are just using them for food not to stick I would not think it would need to really be counted. How bad is this goof? Can i just cut back on other fat blue, orange? Hi Christine, Probably not bad enough that you had to worry about it. I would just have maybe a little less than a full blue container if you really want to get picky. I have yet another protein powder question sorry! I am quite attached to this protein powder but the serving size is a little bigger than most.

Should I use 1. If I do 2 do I need to count it as 2 proteins? Hi Kimberly, That shake is very high in protein, maybe a little to high for a single meal. The body may only be able to digest so much protein at once, cutting the serving in half or three quarters for a red would probably be closer to the correct amount. You would want to count lentils, quinoa, and beans as red containers instead of yellow.

Hi Anita, Yes, the fix diet is centered around whole foods, it wants you to avoid nearly all processed foods. The calorie level is setup to create a nice gradual weight loss that should help keep the pounds off. But anyway, do you know if there are any plans to sell Shakeology in the UK? I can order it via Ebay — but the cost is very high. The nutritionals I would imagine need to be approved by in your country first.

Hi Nida, wg stands for whole grain, I have a few notes in the bottom right footer of the image. HI Jamie, Yes, almond milk can be substituted in three times a week as a yellow container. The coconut milk that I have listed here, is the canned version. Thank you for answering! What brand yogurt would be ok for the plain yogurt?? All the ones I see seem to be so high in sugar its crazy. Hi Jaime, Any brand of plain Greek yogurt should be okay, I would try a few and see which you like.

What about the plain yogurt? Is there a specific brand I should be looking for? Greek Yogurt just taste so weird to me. Hi Jamie, The brand I like most is Stonyfield, nice and creamy. But, the brand does not really matter, I would try a few and see which one you prefer.

Hi Bethany, I just started yesterday, I made a mistake and bought low fat vanilla yogurt. Hi Sharon, Can you return it or donate. It is is not the best, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Hi Sharon, Propel water is not on the diet plan, I would try to avoid it for at least your first round. Hi Sharon, Not sure what you are referring to.

Here is a link to a post I have about naturally flavoring your coffee — https: Hi Sharon, No, it should no be to much. You will lose weight as long as you create a calorie deficit with diet and exercise. Hi Bethany, I bought some plain greek yogurt and put bananas in it. Hi Gloria, What about raspberries, blackberries or strawberries. Those are nice and sweet tasting. Hi Misty, You can have unsweetened tea, coffee, you can also add fresh fruit and veggies to your water to add a little bit of flavor.

Hi Tina, I do not have any other 21 Day Fix sample meal plans. If you see foods or meals you do not like I think you could easily swap foods in and and out. How do you make that using the containers. Looks like it would be very little lettuce based on container sizes.

Thanks for your help! Hi Kim, You can really pack the green container pretty tight with the greens and it surprising holds a decent amount. If milk is allowed in moderation, can I put milk and stevia or stevia vanilla extract in my coffee? I am feeling more and more prepared as I read all the posts. Hi Michelle, The food plan goes into detail, but for now here is a link to a post about how to naturally flavor your coffee and my Fix approved recipe.

I notice that milk is nowhere on the list. Are we allowed cows milk or almond milk? Is Shakology safe for persons with Celiac Disease that have to follow a strict gluten free diet? Is there any gluten in the shake mix? Do you have a link to your dinner recipes from the Week schedule example above? Sorry if I missed it! Hi Alisha, The veggie stir fry recipe is in the meal plan.

Pretty simple eating, I just used the seasonings from the Fix diet. If I do this i end up with only calories. I am trying to lose some more fat. Should i drop a container? What should I do? Hi Stevie, You round up to calories, you should not drop any of the containers from the lowest level.

If you search what is a calorie on this site you will find an article that goes into detail about why you should never go below calories a day for an extended time period.

Hi, I have been doing the p90X lean schedule, this is two p90x workouts a day. I thought I would change it up and start the 21 day fix instead of doing two p90x, since the workouts are shorter and more cardio. Do you think this is ok? I am doing 21 day fix in the AM and p90x in the evening!

Hi Stevie, You know your body best. With that said, P90X alone is a lot of working out. Just be sure to pay attention to how your body is responding. More is not always better. If I would be allowed 3 yellow containers and could only eat 2, is that going to cause me NOT to be able to get the weight off? Seriously considering doing this plan. Hi Bev, While you should try to eat all of your containers, forcing down food is not a good option either.

From my experience, I like the idea of not skipping the same containers each day. So if you missed a yellow one day, try not to miss the same colored container the next.

But, always eat your orange and tsps. Are both frozen Fruits and frozen Veggies ok for the 21 day Fit? I just got my 21 Day Fix program and trying to shop. The box says they have mg of Sodium, Is that too much? Hi Sarah, frozen fruits and vegetables are fine. And, yes you probably want to avoid the fillets at least for your first 21 days through.

I have insulin resistance so whey protein is not good for me to drink. Or did you just not want to eat it? Do you know how this protein blend compares with Shakeology?

I know this should be simple for me to figure out but apparently I need some guidance. I work third shift and I am really not sure how to navigate this since my sleep and awake times are the exact opposite of most people who the examples are generally geared toward. I am a single parent of a school age child and so I generally sleep when she is in school, about 9am to 3pm. Hi Anitra, Just try to space your meals every three to four hours.

It might take you some time, but try to find a schedule that you can work with. And, be sure to meal plan, this way you will know what you will be eating and when. I guess just cut in half or plan around it? Hi Kabey, That is a tough one about the aminos, for the first 21 days I would try to avoid them. A serving of the shake is just one scoop, you may want to double check that. I have not heard of the protein you mention, but will check it out. I just started the 21 day fix program, and just want clarification on the 10 min hardcore workouts.

Can you do the 10 min hardcore workouts some days instead of the 30 minute workouts? Hi Serica, If you are under a time restraint, but this should not be a common occurrence. Confused please help me. Hi Cindy, It is on the main menu, you may need to fast forward. Sometimes it is easiedt to eject the disc an put it back in and begin again. Could they be incorporated into the 21 day fix program or no? Hi Jenna, While they are not technically allowed in the 21 Day Fix, I tell people be strict for the 21 Days to begin then start working other foods in like these bars.

I would count them as a yellow container, but only do three a week max, they are like treats honestly. Your site was great thank you for the food calendar. Bethany, I loved reading all your responses… is very detailed and definitely gives the information needed.

How can I follow the program if I have to go out to a restaurant for a meal? I want to make sure I do the whatever is going to give me max results. Hi Ana Maria, It is best to have homemade meals, but when you do go out the Fix diet does have options. Page 70 and 71 of the meal plan goes over eating out. Basically, it lists some of the more classic restaurant foods and gives the amount of containers to mark off.

Hi Sandy, Yes, eating all of your containers will put you in the correct calorie range for weight loss. I have a question; is it ok to just eat chicken and turkey? I do not eat seafood and not a big pork fan. Would this be a problem? I am doing the 21 day fix but not following the eating plan as I am underweight and just need to tone up a bit. Will I still see results? Hi Jennifer, Yes, you will see results from the workouts and clean eating.

The meal plan does go over how to maintain, if you wanted to added weight, I would bump up a calorie level or two. I know the containers tell you how many servings a day but how do you know how much to buy of each food at the store to make the meals for the week?

For example do you just need 2 packs of a type of meat or more or so many pounds of fruit, etc.? Does this program tell you how much of each food to buy at the store?

Hi Beth, Yes, the full meal plan that comes with the program would be able to help you a lot with this. It does not tell you exactly what to buy, but you will have a general idea of what you need. Hi im confused about the table chart! If it says 3 vegatabke contaners… how come theres only 2 in a bunch of days?

Hi Jasmine, I would have more than 1 serving of the same vegetable at a time. Looking back I should have noted this in parenthesis. I have a question about the Shakeology. Hi Brandie, A packet is the same serving size as a scoop. I would say about 1 oz water and ice cubes. You can always play twith this to find what works best for you.

I ordered the 21 day fix, but have not received it yet. I wanted to know if canned fruit or fruit cups allowed? What is the difference between 21 day fix and the 21 day fix extreme? I have not done this workout before or the meal plan.

I was just wondering what would benefit me more. I thought I would like the workouts better in the extreme workout. I usually run days a week. Are the containers, start here booklet, eating plan booklet the same in both? Hi Michelle, This will be a future post. But, the main differences I see are there is more resistance training in Extreme, the workouts are increased in intensity not crazy and the diet is a little more strict, there is no treat sertion and some of the bottom foods have been removed.

The Extreme eating plan does come with more recipes. The containers are the same. The plan said I could have two large eggs, but my family eats egg whites. Is there a recommended liquid oz in this type of situation?

Or, would it be best to cook it and simply eat what fits in the container? Hi Bethany, Tripping to print your 21 day fix shopping list. But alas, the link does not work. Can you perhaps reset the link?

Hi Darlene, Either, they are the same. Green olives are just picked while they are ripening and black olives are picked when they are ripe. When is the best time to do the workouts? I work am to pm and I am wondering If I should eat dinner before or after the workout? Hi Lauren, I would do the workouts before work or before dinner. Forgot to ask about Miracle Whip light,.

Does beans mean dried beans like Pintos and Black Eye Peas and how about zucchini? Hi Martha, No Miracle whip of any kind. I would refer to the eating plan that comes with the program for the others. This is just a companion to help people grocery shop. I do my workouts in the evening. I have shakeology in the morning as a meal replacement. Will i need to take protein after my workout and if i do can you please recommend a protein powder brand.

Hi Salma, I currently workout in the evening and have found a whole food meal after works best. I used to do optimim nutrition whey protein after my workouts, but I feel like my body does better with whole foods now.

In reference to the shakes, I have a half s bag of protein shake mix, Curves brand. How does that compare? Hi Candy, Sorry I could not find any information with the marcos or ingredients for that brand. It says in book you can switch out a yellow three times a week for 16 oz of unsweetened almond milk. How come on shakeology recipes 4 oz counts as a yellow? Does adding almond milk to your shakes just make it creamier?

Almond milk does make the texture creamier than water would. How do you meal prep? I was planning on prepping snack and lunches for the whole week? But wondering if cut washed fruits and veggies would stay fresh? Also same with cooked meat?

I do not have any problems with anything going bad, but I would imagine some fruits or vegetables would not last as long as others. Cooked meats should stay good for days. Hi Lanna, No white rice is not allowed. White rice is processed, it does not contain the same amount of nutritional value as brown rice does. Can I subsitite non fat flavored Greek yogurt it has about two more grams of sugar than plain.

Also with oatmeal is that also plain oatmeal only? Hi Nicole, Flavored yogurt is not allowed, they often artificial sweeteners. Plain rolled oats or steel cut oats, you can add your own berries or spices, but no instant oatmeals with the flavorings are allowed.

This is really useful—thanks! Or will that be a detriment to my overall progress? You really should count the containers as they are meant to be. It kind of goes against the point of the diet program if you are going to counts yellows as red. The 21 Day Fix wants you eating a balanced diet. While benas, lentils, quinoa are high sources of vegetarian protein they are also dense on carbs, that is why they are yellows.

Eggs, canned tuna, chicken breast are all relatively cheap sources of protein that you can count as red. Does this system have and note replacements for allergies Egg, Seafood, Fish, etc. Noticed you have eggs for most breakfasts on weekend, what would be a substitute? As for Shakeology, I am not spending or wasting money on more made up stuff. Hello, You can have any of the red container foods, you choose from a list.

I like to have nuts as a snack, it is just a sample menue to give people ideas of what I ate. The shake is not fake, if you read back to my first posts years ago I did have my own concerns also. But, I kept an open mind and have done lots of research and it works for me so I would do your own research and find what works best for you and your situation….

What about green tea? Hello, I recently got the 21 day fix. Will I still get results by lowering my calorie bracket? I have a lapband and physically can not eat the amount of food it says I should eat. Hi Mallory, Do the best that you can do. Here are a couple tips — try to keep the ratio of containers as even as possible, alternate the containers you do eat over the week so you still get the balancing of the diet.

I would use a tsp of olive oil and about a cup of mixed vegetables and some all purpose seasoning. Do the veggies that you enjoy most or have on hand. I am a caffeine junkie…. Hi Marsha, Yes, on the tea with stevia. No, on the diet sodas, those contain articial sweeteners that you want to be avoiding. What kind of dressing can be used?

Hi Angie, The eating plan comes with 5 recipes for dressings, mostly olive oil based. Here are the names of the dressings so you can get an idea, — balsamic vinaigrette, creamy herb dressing, lemon tarragon vinaigrette, dijon vinaigrette, and asian citrus vinaigrette. Hi Dawn, The containers come with the program, base, deluxe or challenge pack.

Check out my review from the sidebar for more information. Bethany, Are there any other vegetables or substitutes for the vegetables listed on the plan? Hi Emi, The vegetables in the fix diet are a good place for you to start. They are listed in order of most nutritious. So I guess my question is this all of the colored containers. You pack with the food you can eat. Is this for the whole day breakfast lunch and dinner or is this for one meal at a time?

Just need a lil help. Hi Lacie Jo, You match you calorie tarrget that corresponds with your calorie level. So if it says, 3 green containers for example that means you get to fill the green container upto three times throughout the day. You could do two greens for lunch and one for dinner, or any way you like. I have a few questions, can you provide me with the link to purchase the 21 Day fix challenge Pack, and in addition to the challenge pack I would like to order a extra set of containers to keep at work.

How do I calculate my calorie intake per day. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. By SEK on November 5, They tasted pretty gross to me. By 4friends on November 13, I am used to that chalky, off-flavored variety of health drinks, but this is a bit much. The flavors are bareable at best. Despite the cost, I threw that chocolate, mint crap right out. I guess it's healthy though.

You really can't dispute that. I reccomend mixing whatever flavor you get with a banana and a lot of milk. Are you a bad enough dude to drink this crap? By Celeste Torres on November 19, So glad I bought this though to sample instead of buying a whole months worth so im thankful I bought it.

Will never buy again. I recommend if your wanting to but a lot to make sure you like it. By Stephanie Joy on July 6, Wanted to buy the variety pack before I spent the money on an entire package. Although each have their own unique flavor that you can mix with basically anything fruit, PB, etc By Paradox on December 8, All of these flavors are disgusting.

The only one that is even faintest bit tolerable is the chocolate and I can't even recommend that because of the chemical aftertaste. The consistency is so thick too, ick, it's like drinking mud. Every person that uses Shakeology has to mix it with a bunch of fruit, peanut butterand milk to make it tolerable. That's not a tasty product and your calories increase from adding more ingredients to it. My appetite wasn't suppressed and I didn't feel like I had energy or anything else.

I would recommend buying these variety packs before committing to a huge tub of this stuff. I would also recommend trying out Formula 53 Lean 1 as an alternative. I don't have any affiliation with them, I bought that one on a whim and it's pretty much the same as Shakeology but much tastier. That one doesn't suppress appetite much either, but atleast you can drink it. By April on August 30,

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Ideas