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Our clients have lost over 52 million pounds!
Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. The downward spiral in your health is slight at first, but escalates rapidly. Getting your thyroid up to speed is crucial in any serious weight-management program. Cumin, like cinnamon, helps keep blood sugar levels stable, which means cumin is great for diabetics or pre-diabetics, and it means less chance of weight gain and excess body fat. Well, we like that they offer a virtual program and that we found some positive customer comments. With that said, I have done this for a week now and have lost 5. You can do it sitting, laying, walking and basically anywhere, anytime.



We're now running 15 day, 30 day, and 40 day weight loss programs. You're going to find a program that "fits" your needs! Many of our patients have been told by friends and family they look decades younger and healthier! That goes along with how they feel-- they feel decades younger! Could you handle such a 'problem' - looking and feeling decades younger?

Call and set up an appointment- you deserve a new and better you for ! You deserve this level of success! You deserve to be PAID for your success! Some of you have asked for 'before and after' photos. As you can imagine, many big people do not want a 'before' photo. Only a few people have taken photos, fewer have shared them. One brave lady took and shared her photos to inspire others. Meet and admire "Krista" in her before and after shots.

Gotta tell you--many of our patients have these same results. Check out Krista after 2 program cycles. We have a man who recently finished a 40 day program who has lost 43 pounds! This man was exhausted, tired and beat--but no more! This happy and disciplined man has achieved every goal in this round of weight loss. Dr Oz- America's 'prevention doc' and health expert came out strongly in favor of using the highly effective Simeons Protocol Weight Loss Program.

So, if you have been waiting for the 'big guy' to weigh in on whether the program is safe and effective- wait no longer! Stop by and let's get you started with the longest running, safest, medically managed, and Dr Oz endorsed, weight loss program! This particular lady, who's over 50, 'worked' her program to 'max-out' her weight loss.

She drank 2 liters of fluid a day, followed the diet, and walked for 60 minutes each day. The HCG weight loss program works great for anyone who can put in the energy to get the best results. Are you up to the challenge? Do you want to work a program that works for you? It's time to stop on by and let us help get you in the best shape for ! Another man, in his 50's, and a lady in her 50's who are both down 20 pounds in a 'little healthy competition' kept up the healthy competition.

That's 2 folks who worked the program to give them great results! Weight is about genetics and lifestyle. At Adobe, lifestyle is something we also help you to evolve so that you can make sure you'll keep the weight off! Fact is, we can't change our parents and our genetics, but we can change our present and our future in a positive way. Many people feel a need to be more strongly involved in life and to belong to something greater. A sense of belonging is critical to forming positive behaviors.

The 'typical' overweight person in America is 'functional'--that is they get up in the morning, drive to work, go through a 'regular day', drive back home, watch TV and eat a meal; watch more TV and go to bed. This 'functional' cycle is repeated. But how 'dysfunctional' are these behaviors? To grow and to rise above our circumstances we have to be more than 'functional'. We need to plan and achieve interesting and exciting things and activities which are greater than our present circumstances.

To feel joy and success we must dream great dreams and pursue those activities and victories we want to claim in this life. To maintain a healthier weight after successful courses of the Simeons Protocol, our patients will need to have 'more' in their lives.

We can do this together! The 'New' Wild Ginger is so wild, it'll kill you by permenantly destroying your kidneys! The claims for weight loss with Aristolochia Fangchi --the source for Aristolochic Acid AA are on the internet as you read this. It's 'common' name may be explained by the fact that it smells and tastes somewhat like ginger. Beyond that, the comparison with the ginger you'd use as a herb ends. The herb Ginger which we can all buy in the grocery store is very different. Zingiber Officinale, ZO the Ginger herb has been used in Asian medicine and cooking for over 4, years.

The herb has also been documented in food and medicine in Africa, the Middle East and India for over 2, years. Used to treat stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, arthritis, colds and flu as well as headaches.

But, as the saying goes--memory is short and fades with time. Dishonest people are currently selling AA for weight loss on the internet. The most ironic part is that in it's natural setting the plant has kidney shaped leaves. In an article, published in , Adv Biomed Res researchers reported a Chinese company had replaced Stehania Tetrandra with AA in their weight loss formula, resulting in multiple incidents of kidney failure. Further research shows at least people died of kidney failure from taking AA for weight loss in so that brings the 'cycle' for false weight loss to about every 10 years, where people die from weight loss claims assocaited with the toxic AA.

This confirms a critical point: Another saying which applies here: The people hyping 'homeopathic' HCG drops for weight loss have not told you the whole story: You can stop by our office any time- we'll give you an entire bottle of water-- for free!

Please read it on line or print it out and read it. Simeons, who wrote about his HCG weight loss program: Pounds and Inches, in , has an amazing history. After post-graduate studies in Germany and Switzerland, he was appointed to a large surgical hospital near Dresden, Germany. He became engrossed in the study of tropical diseases, and joined the School of Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, Germany.

He worked two years in Africa, doing Tropical Medicine. In he went to India, where he found himself so amazed by the country and its' health problems, that he stayed for another 18 years! In Dr Simeons, with his wife and three sons, moved to Rome, Italy, where he perfected his protocol, and in published his findings on weight loss in a letter to the British medical journal, The Lancet.

Over , people from around the world benefited from his natural weight loss protocol. Shortly thereafter, he published his findings which are listed below.

The Simeons Protocol is a scientific and exact program of very specific foods, fluids, and activity. The Simeons Protocol does what no other diet does: Please click on the icon below to open the entire protocol: It's 43 pages long, but give the Protocol a 'good read'- it's well worth it!

We've been fortunate to have another seriously motivated man who's followed the program exactly! This very smart and focused man lost 48 pounds in 40 days. Remember that the worst people do on the program is a half-pound a day in weight loss, while some people lose more than a pound a day at Adobe!

The next logical step: We have another amazingly disciplined, talented, and driven patient who's lost 42 pounds in 40 days! Many programs claim that over a year or more they can help a person lose 20 pounds. Our 'typical' patient loses 34 pounds in 40 days. How much can you lose in 40 days? The Simeons Protocol at Adobe Family Practice is a smart opportunity for real performance and real success!

Our lady has lost the body mass of a 5 year-old boy from around her mid-section! You KNOW she feels lighter and happier! If you're a big man or woman, and have been 'big for years' these glimpses of success of others can be turned in to real success and happiness for you! Another of our female patients lost 24 pounds in 30 days! Yes she looks younger, feels much better, and is ready for another treatment program!

Spring and Summer are getting closer each day! Come on in- you can do this! Feel how great success feels it feels thinner around the waist! Why mention someone who lost 'only' 24 pounds after 30 days on the Program when the last lady lost 28 pounds in 30 days? Every person has some higher and some lower numbers. The 'worst' case for people who follow the program is a loss of about 15 pounds in 30 days or 20 pounds in 40 days.

Most of our patients permenantly change their relationship with food and keep off the excess weight. Doing something successful for now is good. Doing something that lasts for years or for a lifetime is priceless! You know how that feels-- it feels thinner around the waist! It's been a few years ago, but it seems, our patients have all the fun! They also have tons of success! She averaged a pound loss in each cycle days in each program cycle , and yes, she looks years younger. Like our other patients- this wonderful lady found success with our Simeons Weight Loss Program.

Come on in, find out how to do it! By now, you know how that'll feel- it feels thinner around the waist! We have a "wild" man who lost 50 pounds in 40 days! This smart man does not need to 'imagine' any more, he's done it! He did share with others, that his desire to lose weight was something he planned and thought of and saw himself doing each day.

He described the event as an event he 'engineered' and planned with precision to succeed. He's sharing his story here, to encourage others to create their own success! Can you match or beat his number? Let's say you 'only' lose 44 pounds in 40 days- would you be 'okay' with that? Get out your calendar and start planning.

Call us at Engaging in regular exercise improves blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces lipids bad cholesterol and triglycerides , reduces markers of inflammation hs-crp , and reduces central abdominal fat.

A team of researchers from Germany also report that exercise slows cellular aging and prolongs life! The length of telomeres- the strands of DNA at the tips of chromosomes- regulate cellular aging.

As your cells reproduce, the telomeres can shorten or lengthen. The cells throughout the body will have similar lengths to their telomeres, and if enough of the cells die and do not reproduce, you also die! This critical function of telomeres- the control of cellular aging- was honored with a Nobel Prize in !

The researchers proved that in age matched controls people who exercise versus people who do not, but are the same age , the athletes whether age 20 or age 51 had higher leveles of activity of the chemistry that preserves telomere length; possessed longer telomeres; and lived longer, healthier lives! Teleomere length is a measure of cellular aging: There are two types of 'fish oil': One local supermarket advertises their 'great sale' price on 'fish oil' claiming: That much is true- it is also deceptive.

The 'great price' they offer for the 'sale' isn't so 'great' when taking 28 capsules a day heir bottle of 50 capsules does not even last 2 days! A longer and healthier life- now that's a great plan you deserve! A healthy activity plan for is a plan that will help us all.

The only way to have a healthy life and one with less illness and injury is to have a better plan. Consider the wise advice above and get some more activity into your day- stop by and we can work with you in making a simple but very effective plan which will help you live a longer and healthier life! Telomere's exist at the end of each strip of DNA in every living cell. The progressive shortening of telomere length with each cell division is behind cellular aging and death.

A study published in the British medical journal, Lancet, in , showed that people with shorter telomeres are at a greater risk for developing heart disease and stroke.

From the JAMA, July , in a study done in a single Italian town researchers looked at 1, people who were cancer free aged They next measured their telomeres and followed this group for 10 years.

Compared with those people who had the longest telomeres: These shorter telomere people were also more likely to die from cancer! So, there's more proof: Shorter telomeres increase death from heart attack, stroke, and various cancers. We now have two very good, very smart choices to positively act upon which will reduce suffering and improve quality of life. From the Annals of Internal Medicine, October 5th Calorie restricted participants who got adequate sleep lost more fat versus muscle.

Prior studies have shown hormonal and neurologic responses to caloric restriction in weight loss. In this study, 10 overweight middle-aged adults were assigned to 5. Three months later they crossed over to the opposite group for another 14 day period. Fat loss, fat free body mass and several hormonal systems were monitored.

At the end of the study: People who slept for 8. Those who slept for 5. Finally, sleep deprived participants 5. The sleep deprived people also reported greater levels of hunger and they released more stress hormone which could prematurely age every organ system in the body! We've seen this with our Simeons patients- those who get more rest lose more body fat inches around the waist. Sleep tight, sleep right enough and sleep well every nite! Sounds as though the study authors listened to our conversations with our patients in the Simeons Program!

When people changed their previous poor relationship with foods that were not beneficial and started eating healthier: Most important, this study described 'debility', that is developing weakness, loss of mobility, and earning your way into a nursing home bed as directly related to being overweight, eating poorly, and being inactive.

The two older drugs are Phenteramine, a generic amphetamine long used for appetite suppression in weight loss programs. The second drug is classified as an anti-seizure drug called Toprimate trade named Topamax. This brings to mind a visit I had from another health care provider in Santa Fe who was advising me on their weight loss program and that it was 'the only FDA approved weight loss program in Santa Fe'!

To which I laughed and said how funny that was. I went on to explain a point she obviously did not know: That's extremely funny that anyone would brag about that claim as being a badge of honor! Most people have no clue what FDA standards are in place regarding weight loss!

Our Simeons patients lose 20 to 40 pounds in a typical 40 day period. When adding up the initial evaluation costs, follow-up visits and follow-up lab tests as well as medication, this 'new' program for 'Qnexa' is about 4 times more expensive and way more time consuming than a 40 day cycle for the Simeons Protocol.

Worse, the weight loss drug does not change a person's relationship to food and will likely cause a person to regain the weight.

It also teaches people that 'the pill' causes the loss. Our patients lose weight and gain personal insight and stregnth of character. As they'd say down South, the Simeons Protocol is mo' better! Please read our section on: In this section we review: We also discuss a very hopeful treatment for type 2 diabetes. Having treated several diabetics with 'The Main Event' therapy we've had many stop needing medication or needing much less medication after losing 50 or more pounds.

After weight loss surgery, our patients become part of our close-knit weight loss community. Hear how our experts help patients take the first steps towards a new, healthier life. Success Stories Meet Parnell Listen to real patients talk about their health struggles, obstacles on the weight loss journey, and why they chose to have weight loss surgery with our experts at the Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss Center.

Success Stories Meet Minnie For weight loss patients, surgery means more than falling numbers on the scale. It's a total health transformation. Hear how bariatric surgery has helped our patients lead their healthiest lives. Norfolk Suffolk Newport News. Recent Facebook Posts Physical therapy helps recovery from joint replacement surgery Hampton Roads, VA Bon Secours Health System How you recover after surgery plays a vital role in getting back to your regular activities.

Timeline Photos Make these healthy veggie wraps tonight and be ready to grab-and-go during the week. Recurring Event See all An event every month that begins at 6: Tips, motivation and support. Ask Us a Question We're here for you. It has since been eaten and used for medicinal purposes throughout the world.

In fact, the peoples from the Pacific Islands use papaya for uses ranging from skin care to birth control.

Until , papaya had only been marketed as being eaten in its most ripe state, but eventually it was discovered that unripened papaya contained two strong digestive enzymes, papain and chemopapain. In this state, food can actually be used as energy instead of being stored it in fatty cells or having adverse side-effects like those with a lactose intolerance.

Papain is not produced naturally in your body, but it can act in the same way that your natural digestive enzymes do.

It is a cysteine protease, meaning it can break apart large protein molecules into smaller and soluble molecules called peptone. It became evident that this was possible when papaya began being used as a meat tenderizer, and when tested, the enzyme indeed had the same effect with the proteins that people consumed. Historically, papain has been utilized and used as an aid in calming an upset stomach, arterial calcification, inflammation, and constipation among many other uses, but as of November , there has been no convincing evidence shown to prove its effects on weight loss.

Macro-nutrients need to be catalyzed before they can be used as energy, so since papain supplements generally contain both protein and lipid enzymes, it would lead to the incorrect assumption that papain would help dietary fats to be more efficiently utilized.

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