Leslie Sansone Walking For Weight Loss: 3 Mile Walk

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Leslie Sansone - 4 Mile Power Walk [DVD]
See all my reviews. In this workout, you will walk, kick, and jab! Get Up and Get StartedIn just one mile of in-home power walking, you'll raise that heart rate and engage every muscle of your upper body. This mile was pretty much your standard moves. She also talked about holding them by the base of the handle to make it more intense. You can email me at rdevaughnfamily at yahoo dot com.

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Calories burned:DVD Leslie Sansone - 2 Mile Walk

On this one the songs are played way too fast and somehow make the songs less enjoyable to listen to. I don't have a problem with a band doing songs for exercise, but at least do them at the pace and tempo of the original.

I bought this because I like just music, not Leslie talking because she tends to get sickening after a while. I mute her on the dvds too, once I know how the workout goes. She just has a nauseating voice to listen to for minutes. I personally would not recommend this cd, if you like to listen to songs played at the right tempo. This is great product for someone who likes to walk briskly and without anyone to speed you up or slowing you down.

Because it is only "audio" which was a surprise it helps you to keep your mind on walking and not looking at an instructor or worry about following directions.

The tempo to the music is upbeat and fast pace but not overdone! I highly recommend this product for the "serious walker. I am enjoying this CD very much. I just wish I knew how the miles were broken down. I have searched the cover of this CD and cannot find any information about the timing. That is the only reason I'm giving it a 4 rating. I have been using Leslie's DVD's for almost a year now and I was looking to increase my exercise by doing something at work during lunch.

I came across this CD and thought it was worth a try. Since I know all of the moves from DVD's, I figured it would be very easy to do my own 15 to 30 minute walk during lunch. How true it is! I'm able to walk in my office for a short period of time and then after work do my normal 3 to 4 mile, sometime 5 mile walk at home. The extra mile at work is giving me a real boost towards weight loss. I would recommend this to everyone and can't wait to try it this Spring with my walking outdoors!

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We are sorry for the interruption at approx. It freezes for about 20 seconds I really like these workouts! This is one of my faves! Kicking My Food Addiction: Wake up and Walk! Energize your day and super-charge your metabolism with this weight loss program that has everything you need to walk off Leslie Sansone, creator of the walk-at-home video series, gives 5 tips on how to walk away your sugar cravings and provides a free walk work-out video!

What speed do you need to burn fat? Leslie will tell you within minutes You'll be challenged by these Your core is engaged with every move you make.

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