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Chocolate Peppermint Shortbread Cookies

Alisa Fleming on January 2, 7: Remember now — gentle! It is not necessary to temper chocolate when it is used as an ingredient in a recipe. Im going to try this for Christmas this yr. Preheat the oven to degrees. Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies September 4, This year I am going to try to find some bakeable cutters because I had a lot of excess melted mint.

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Not knowing what they were planning though, I suggested doing White Elephant last weekend and sent out an email about it.

It ended up kind of funny because the hubs was trying to have it be about my birthday, rather than Christmas, and of course I unknowingly messed that up. I have to say the gift exchange was pretty fun though. It lights up and pops wheelies and everything. We had fun playing with it at group and then took it home and chased Jessie around with it. Of course she was afraid of it — we are such good doggie parents.

There was some delicious food and they made my favorite — Funfetti Cake! I took some home with me and had another big fat slice last night. Funfetti has made a number of appearances at my birthdays over the years. I love grabbing one and devouring it. And honestly, they feel less guilty. I made what felt like a bajillion versions of these shortbread cookies. I tried regular granulated vs powdered sugar, regular cocoa vs dark cocoa, and I tried messing around with the amount of butter.

I definitely preferred the powdered sugar. It gave me a sweeter, slightly softer cookie even though it was the same amount of sugar. You could go either way on the cocoa. It was more of a flavor thing associated with the difference in sugar. You can use either kind of cocoa — just go with powdered sugar. So the final result is sweet, soft and delicious! Not everyone is super into peppermint, so the recipe shows using either vanilla or peppermint extract. If you go with the vanilla, the only peppermint flavor will be the baking chips so festive!

If you want a strong peppermint flavor, add the peppermint extract. Christmas is less than a week away!! Brownie Brittle Peppermint Chocolate Pie. Peppermint Brownie Ice Cream Cake. If you have made this recipe please submit a photo and let us know how it worked. Or, add your own recipe variation. My son just made these cookies.

It was his first cooking project without any help. They turned out great - although he did get to learn how important it is to set the timer on the last batch: My son used milk chocolate chips instead of the mini-chocolate chips because that's what we had on hand.

He also got to make brown sugar by adding molasses to white sugar I showed how to look that up on the internet, which he thought was pretty neat. Heat oven to degrees F. Do not use it to serve hot substances on. Stick with things like fudge, cookies, candy, and such. There should not be any flavor of the candies on the food.

You can also try your hand at making a bowl. I made a small fluted edge candy dish. My ends were just starting to cook for too long, but since it had just started, it kind of gave the edges a stained glass look.

Or so I tell myself. To make a bowl, after it has cooled for a few minutes — set the candy inside of a bowl with the parchment paper still attached. Using a dishtowel, press down very gently to form the shape of a bowl. If it hangs off the edge of the bowl a little, it will form a fluted edge.

Remember now — gentle! This is a great little craft to make with the kiddos too. After they are dried completely, they will no be sticky. It can take up to 24 hours for the drying process to complete though. Im going to try this for Christmas this yr. Then use a dish towel to fit it inside the bowl.

Let cool in the bowl. Then remove the parchment. Could you place a new layer of parchment on top of the candy tray and them drape it over the outside of an upside down bowl? Seems like this would make the bowl a more regular shape? You could but an easier way would be to just take the parchment paper straight from the baking sheet and lay it on top of a bowl that way, with the peppermints on top.

Thats how i did it and it came out so adorable…I was even able to flatten out the edges a bit because they draped over the bowl onto the table. If the humidity level is high where you live, you may need to let them dry for 24 hours.

I used nonstick release aluminum foil and it peeled right off the back of my tray. I re-used the one sheet of foil to make three trays. Thanks for this awesome idea! AshSim, If you place them closer together and cook at a slightly lower temperature i believe I did , you can get a stronger piece because it will be thicker. They will still be fragile because they are sugar art, but I found that this makes them handle manipulation better.

I wait until they just fuse rather than waiting for them to become fully liquid. I jut did this! So easy and looks great! Can you use cookie cutters to make ornaments? I made ornaments last year. I heavily coated my cookie cutters with pam.

You need to work quickly, and keep respraying cutters. Try to cut melted mints as closely as poss. I used a small flat head srewdriver like a skill saw to make a hole at the top for the ribbon. Do let them dry for a day or two. This year I am going to try to find some bakeable cutters because I had a lot of excess melted mint. Note that they are fragile, but are super cute! Thank you for inspiring me to do!