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Weight Watchers Freestyle Zero Point Meals
I mean I get it. Gina makes it easy since she calculates the Points Plus values for you! I like that one better. Thank you for all the recipes and inspiration! To download them, you can click on the download buttons underneath the images that I am providing for you. Are you prepared to eat that little every day for the rest of your life?

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Now, you could walk just a third of that and already earn as many as 2 FitPoints. What is FitBreak from Weight Watchers? FitBreak is an app that shows you very brief videos a few seconds long , and encourages you to then mimic that activity for exactly one minute. If you do this 20 times over the course of the day a total of 20 minutes , you will receive 2 FitPoints. You must be logged into your regular Weight Watchers mobile app while using FitBreak, in order to automatically receive the points.

When you start on Weight Watchers, you take an assessment where WW looks at your lifestyle and determines your first FitPoints goal. As mentioned, this goal is based on your personal factors. For instance, if you currently spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, WW will start you off with a fairly low points goal. One is by wearing an activity tracker, such as the highly popular Fitbit, which integrates with your Weight Watchers account. The advantage of wearing an activity tracker is that you'll earn the most FitPoints this way.

Just make sure that your tracking app is synced to your Weight Watchers account so that your tracked activities are automatically converted and credited as FitPoints. Just log in to your My Day online dashboard, go to "Activity," and there you'll see where to input your activity.

Even if you don't want to shell out for an expensive tracker, you can download a free pedometer app on your phone to count your steps for you. Once you get the hang of reaching your weekly FitPoints goals and for some people, WW is right in saying that this can be addictive , your goal will likely be changed to match your new lifestyle.

If you reach your goal for two weeks straight, Weight Watchers will automatically recommend a higher goal for you. And if you keep racking up those points, you get more bragging rights — and other perks, like say, a leaner, healthier body. Plus, you can exchange those FitPoints for more SmartPoints, which means that you can eat a little more if you want to.

FitPoints is a goal system, so you want to earn more points here to achieve your target. In fact, 1 FitPoint is equal to 1 SmartPoint. The question now is, should you eat your FitPoints? In a way, this makes sense. And, as we all know, getting a treat every now and then makes dieting a little more enjoyable. A similar thing may happen with tracking apps, especially if more than one app is synced to your WW account. Overestimated FitPoints means that you could then be swapping for more food than you worked for, and that completely throws the diet.

The equivalent FitPoints for each activity depends a lot on its intensity and duration, and your weight also factors into it. A basic "average" approximation would be 1, walking steps equals 1 FitPoint, but this could increase or decrease for you, depending on your weight, etc. It does take a bit of meticulous fine-tuning to figure out FitPoints for your particular weight.

The Weight Watchers Pocket Guide provides a comparison:. A pound person earns 1 FitPoint after 10 minutes of low- to moderate intensity movements. Meanwhile, a pound person earns 1 FitPoint after 10 minutes of low-intensity, but 2 FitPoints after 10 minutes of moderate-intensity activity. The pound person would get 6 FitPoints while her pound friend would get And since FitPoints are meant to encourage us to move, maybe Weight Watchers wants to give more encouraging pats on the back i.

This makes a terrific lunch when made the night before. Of course, rice is not on the zero points list, but rice made from cauliflower is! This might sound a bit strange, but did you know that if you add pasta sauce to boiled, drained cabbage, that is tastes an awful lot like pasta? Be certain that any sauce you use has no added sugars so it will qualify for zero points. For a change of pace, try adding some ground turkey!

This is a fairly flexible dish that you can enjoy for dinner and reheat the next day for lunch. You can eat this as it is, or pour it over some cabbage or squash "noodles". Alternatives for this would be to exchange mushrooms for zucchini or add some vegetables stock instead of water. Mix up the seasoning part first, and then combine it to the meat.

We bet even your kids like this! Liquid drained from Alternates may be consumed. Group B choose only 3 times a week: Beef, Gizzards; Kidney beef, calf, lamb ; Lamb Choose only once a week, if desired: Group C choose as desired: Woman and Man 16 fl ounces skim milk, or 12 fl ounces buttermilk, or 8 fl ounces evaporated skimmed milk ; Youth 1 quart skim milk, or 24 fl ounces buttermilk, or 16 fl ounces evaporated skim milk.

The skim milk we allow is the instant non-fat dry milk, reconstitute according to label directions; or skim milk labeled either "skimmed milk" or "modified" or "fortified skim milk" with no whole milk solids added.

Your daily allowance of evaporated skimmed milk may be diluted with an equal amount of water to make a total of 16 ounces skim milk. The buttermilk may be made from either whole or combination of skim milk and whole milk; Bulgarian buttermilk is not permitted.

You may use your milk at any time, at meal times, as snacks, at bedtime, in coffee or tea, or in our popular milk shakes and whipped toppings, but you must consume the amount allotted to you in your menu plan. Mix-and-match your milk if you like. Instant non-fat dry milk reconstitutes to the ratio of 1: Fats in the amounts included in your Menu Plan must be taken daily at mealtime only: Fats may be mixed-and-matched; e.

Any product labeled "mayonnaise" and any oil labeled "vegetable oil" may be used. Two types of margarine may be used. Molded margarines in stick form or by the pound may be used only if the first word on the label ingredient list is "liquid" followed by the name s of the vegetable oil s used.

These are usually sold in containers. Fat must always be spread with a spatula or knife not brushed on so that none will be lost. Two are permitted, in reasonably unlimited amounts: Any artificially sweetened carbonated beverage not to exceed 15 calories per day.

If a ounce container of beverage has only 3 calories, you may consume 5 containers in one day. Any dietetic beverage that contains 3 calories per fl ounce must be limited to approximately 5 ounces. There's no limit on the amount allowed until you reach the Leveling Plan. However, many of the revised formulas for sugar substitutes have changed in caloric content. If the packet equivalent to 2 tbsp or more of sugar lists up to 4 calories, consider it "legal. Unlimited - Use as desired the following: Browning sauce liquid ; Clam juice; Club soda; Coffee; Dehydrated vegetable flakes as seasonings , e.

Shake-on seasonings in which either sugar or starch is listed as first ingredient are not permitted; Horseradish red or white ; Lemon and lime juice, fresh or reconstituted for flavoring only ; Mustard, prepared or dry; Pepper sauce; Postum limited to 2 cups daily ; Red hot sauce; Salt, pepper; Seaweed agar agar, dulse, kelp, etc.

Cider vinegar, made from apples, wine vinegar from grapes, malt vinegar from grain, etc. Limited Items - Bouillon cubes, instant broth and seasoning mixes: Not more than 3 per day; Extract and flavors natural or with added imitation flavor: Use 2 tsp per day. Please note that we use the term "flavor extract" throughout the book to signify products labeled either "flavor" or "extract.

Up to 3 envelopes 3 tbsp per day. Use vegetables raw or cooked; fresh frozen without sauce , or canned, either at meals or between meals but always have at least one 3 vegetable at lunch. You may eat all you want from Group A. Eat up to 4 cups raw or 2 cups cooked from Group B. Note that cucumbers, peppers, pickles and tomatoes are counted rather than measured. The number listed e.

However, you may mix and match; for example, on the day you use 1 medium tomato, you may also have up to 1 cup cooked or 2 cups raw 3B vegetables. Please note asterisks designating dark green, deep yellow and red vegetables. You must select from these marked vegetables at least times weekly. You must eat 4 ounces drained raw or cooked weight per day, or a combination totaling that amount for example, 1 ounce each of 4 different kinds.

The 4 vegetables may be eaten only at the noon or evening meal. Vary your selection of 4 vegetables from day to day. These may be bought fresh, canned or frozen except for those frozen with butter or other sauces ; they may be eaten raw or cooked. Drain your vegetable before you weigh it, but not down the drain. You may consume the liquid as is, or use it to replace water in making soups from bouillon cubes, etc.

The following vegetables belong to this group: Return to Articles of Interest.

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